Following the shocking group stage loss of the four-time World Champions, Germany’s anti-homophobia stance has been publicly mock on Qatari television, with the hosts hiding their mouths and waving goodbye.

Despite winning their final match 4-2 over Costa Rica, the Germans were eliminate after coming third in Group E. Japan, who defeated Hansi Flick’s team in their initial match, and Spain advanced instead.

The German players protested FIFA’s ban on the rainbow OneLove armband before their earlier loss to Japan.

The seven European captains, including Germany’s Manuel Neuer, who planned to wear the OneLove armbands, which represent inclusivity and diversity, were threaten with expulsion by the league’s governing body on the day of the World Cup.

In Qatar, a country with a majority of Muslims and Islam as its official religion, same-sex relationships and the advocacy of such relationships are illegal.

For their pre-match photo before the Japan game, the Germans had their lips cover in protest, referring to being silence by FIFA.

The German federation at the time declared in a statement that “Human rights are non-negotiable.”

“While it ought to be obvious, that still isn’t the case. This is the reason why this message is so crucial to us.

It’s comparable to giving us the armband in return for your voice. We stick to our guns.

In a post-match show after their group-stage exit was announce, local TV hosts mimicked the mouth-covering while laughing and waving goodbye, not letting the German antics slip their minds.

12 teams qualify and 8 contests for rest 4 seats

12 teams have already qualified for the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022, with just one day until the knockout rounds begin. The remaining four teams will be decide after the four schedule matches on November 2, which are currently set.

Eight teams will play their final game in their respective groups on Friday, including South Korea, Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, Cameroon, Brazil, Serbia, and Switzerland. Only Brazil and Portugal are thought to have earned a spot in the knockout rounds; the other teams will need to solidify their positions in Groups G and H.

The Netherlands, USA, Argentina, Australia, Japan, Poland, England, Croatia, France, Senegal, Morocco, and Spain are other teams that have advanced to the knockout round.

Germany was unable to advance past the round of 16, after defeating Costa Rica earlier on Thursday. Spain, although falling to Japan, was nevertheless able to advance to the knockout rounds. Forward Thomas Mueller referred to Germany’s second consecutive World Cup first-round exit as an “absolute catastrophe.”

About the points table, Senegal, Argentina, France, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and Portugal each have 6 points, while England, Netherlands, and Morocco have the highest scores—7. US and Croatia each have five points. Despite having the same number of points—four—Spain and Poland advanced to the knockout stages according to goal differential.

South Korea will play Portugal on Friday, Ghana will play Uruguay, Cameroon will compete against Brazil for a spot, and Serbia will battle Switzerland.

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