Many Sister Wives viewers will be disappoint to learn that Kody Brown is reportedly considering adding a new wife to the Brown family. The fact that three of his four wives left him hanging has caused the father of 18 to struggle. The patriarch still wants multiple marriages to succeed, though.

According to In Touch, the Sister Wives actor is looking for wives, so it would appear that heartache was just what Kody needed to get back in the game. According to a person familiar with the polygamous household, Kody is “actively looking” to marry another lady. Even though Kody was seen on Sister Wives doubting his way of life, the insider insisted Kody is a “proud polygamist” who to accustomed to it. As Robyn Brown is the only wife Kody has left, it seems a monogamous marriage will not make him happy.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives Only Has One Wife

Kody Brown from Sister Wives Only Has One Wife

Since many Sister Wives fans assumed Kody would be content with simply Robyn in his life, the inside information from In Touch is illuminating. The insider claimed that while Kody might not be able to seduce a modern-day woman, many unmarried ladies in his community would “jump” at being his wife. It appears that Robyn supports Kody’s decision to resume courtship. Robyn hinted that she had suitors but preferred to live a plural life on a Sister Wives show aired in January 2021.

As revealed that Janelle and Meri Brown are also tire of Kody’s turmoil, Kody is now down to just one wife. Janelle disclosed that she had been apart from Kody for months during the Sister Wives tell-all reunion. The mother of six grew weary of Kody’s stringent guidelines and his inability to patch things up with their sons. Sadly, Meri had been expecting a reconciliation, but Kody was the one who decided to end the marriage.

Fans of Sister Wives are still baffle as to why anyone would want to date, let alone wed, Kody, especially after watching how he behaved in the most recent season. Viewers of Sister Wives hope Kody doesn’t jump into anything too quickly because someone is always willing to take the bait. The father of 18 should focus on mending his damaged relationships rather than trying to start a new one because he is still dealing with the fallout with most of his adult children.

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