The infamous “wife-beating” case is a case that has become a topic of debate in the entertainment world. But the case that ended up in court has left Depp looking incredulous. This case was a rerun of a lawsuit Depp filed against a British tabloid after he was called a “wife-beater” by the publication. In 2020, a British judge found that Heard had told the truth when she described Depp as an abusive spouse.

Amber Heard’s Lawyer Claims

In his latest legal filing, Amber Heard’s lawyer claims the jury was biased against the actor and is asking for a mistrial and a new trial. The lawsuit notes that jury member No. 15 had a different last name and an address in the same county as the actor, and he was wrongly seated on the panel. Ultimately, the jury ruled in favor of Depp, but Heard’s lawyers claim the judge should overturn the verdict.

Financial Gordian Knot

The move by Heard is no surprise, but it’s disappointing nonetheless. The actor’s $100 million countersuit team had promised to appeal the June jury’s verdict, and the defense team had previously assured that they would do so. But since Juror 15 was mistakenly selected, they didn’t have enough time to fight the ruling. Nevertheless, they may have cut off a financial Gordian knot in the meantime:

  • Apparently, the verdict was unfair in that a younger man was seated instead of Heard’s father. 
  • The actress’s lawyers argue that the inclusion of this juror violated her due process rights. 
  • This was further reinforced when Depp’s lawyer admitted that the jury had served an erroneous juror. 
  • Heard’s legal team says she won’t be able to pay the damages if she loses the case.

Actor’s Lawyer Claims

Heard said she worried she wouldn’t survive physical abuse from Mr. Depp. During the incident, he allegedly threw a cell phone in her face and she screamed, “You cut my finger!” In court, Depp denied he struck her. The couple married in February 2015, but divorced two years later. According to the divorce papers, Mr. Depp claimed he never hit Heard, but the actor’s lawyer claims Heard threw a phone and a vodka bottle at him during the fight. Heard claims she only hit Depp to defend her sister.

Jealous & Disrespectful

She also said she contacted Depp’s team on the night of the incident, and the actor’s lawyer says the witness did not take medical attention after the fight. But the actress said she never wanted police to arrest Depp. The actor’s lawyer also claimed that Heard was “jealous” and “disrespectful” of the witnesses.

Pirates of Caribbean

Heard also denied doctoring the photos, which she said were taken when the pair were in London. She also claimed that she was wearing heavy makeup to hide bruises. Depp has lost a large amount of money because of the accusations, including the loss of his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise.

Tattoo Depp

Amber Heard, the actress accused of hitting Johnny Depp repeatedly in the face, testified in court that she did so while auditioning for the movie “The Rum Diary.” When asked about the tattoo Depp had on his chest, Heard responded by laughing. “It’s Winona forever!” she said, referring to his love interest, Winona Ryder. After Depp allegedly slapped her repeatedly, Amber said, he slapped her face three times, and she did not recover.

DNA & Feces

After the April 2016 fight, Heard and Depp spent a month apart. They were reunited around the same time Depp’s mother died. However, the couple’s relationship hit a rough patch. During that time, Depp became obsessive over dog poop, talking about DNA and feces. Heard called a friend to tell them about the poop incident and said that she did not feel safe in Depp’s home.

Final Thoughts:

After a year-long court trial, Johnny Depp’s lawyer, Dr. Laurel Anderson, called the actress in to testify in the case. She testified that Depp had repeatedly beaten Heard. However, the actor denied the allegations. After the trial, she returned to give further testimony. During that break, she was asked if she had ever fought anyone who had a history of violent behavior.

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