The prestigious Stevens Institute of Technology is one of the nation’s top technical schools. Its undergraduate and graduate programs are highly conformant, and its graduates receive a high percentage of job offers and grad school acceptances. In addition, its thriving internship program has helped students create dynamic solutions in a complex technical environment.

Average SAT Score

Getting into Stevens Institute of Technology is not an easy task. The school has a competitive admissions process and only accepts about 50 percent of applicants. Getting in to Stevens requires high school grades in the top 10% and SAT scores of 1230 or above. In addition, students must have a high ACT score of 26 or higher.

Top Five Percent of Country

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The average SAT score to get into Stevens Institute is 1350, and many students achieve higher than this score. Successful applicants typically submit ACT scores in the top five percent of the country. The school will also accept ACT composite scores around thirty. The school has the second highest average ACT composite score in the state of New Jersey, and the third highest average ACT composite score in the U.S.

SAT & ACT Scores

In addition to the SAT and ACT scores, Stevens Institute of Technology also requires the submission of certain documents. The school considers all of this information when making admission decisions. Applicants are required to submit their secondary school GPA, records, and completion of a college-preparatory program.

While the school has a 40% acceptance rate, the average SAT score to get into Stevens Institute Of Technology is higher. Most students who apply have SAT scores between 670 and 763 in math, and an ACT score between 31 and 34 in reading and writing.

Acceptance Rate

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The Stevens Institute of Technology is a private, research university located in Hoboken, New Jersey. Founded in 1870, it is one of the oldest technological colleges in the United States. In fact, the college was the first in the country to focus solely on mechanical engineering.

Stevens Institute of Technology does not publish an official acceptance rate, but it is a fairly competitive college with a relatively low acceptance rate. To be considered for admission, applicants must complete an online application, submit several letters of recommendation, and complete a rigorous course load. Admissions officers consider applicants’ achievements and talents, as well as their GPA. For more information about how to apply, visit the school’s website, which offers helpful advice and contact information.

National SAT

Students applying to Stevens Institute of Technology should be aware of its high requirement for SAT scores. Students who have scores in the top 10% of the national SAT will stand a better chance of getting in. However, students with lower scores may still get in. The average composite score for a Stevens applicant is about 1320 on a 1600-point scale.

Students at Stevens are friendly and helpful, and you’ll be surrounded by like-minded peers. While some students complain that they don’t know anyone, you’ll quickly find friends at Stevens.

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science: What you can learn from this type of degree

Students who earn a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, or a related major at Stevens Institute of Technology have a good chance of landing a good job. According to the 2021 PayScale College ROI Report, this school has the best 20-year return on investment among colleges. According to the website, Stevens’ first-year class of graduates earned an average starting salary of $66,600.

Stevens Institute of Technology is a private university in Hoboken, New Jersey that offers a number of engineering-related degree programs. Students who apply must meet specific SAT and ACT requirements, with an ACT score of 31-34 and SAT score of 950 or higher required for some programs.

Student-to-Faculty Ratio

The school has a student-to-faculty ratio of 12:1 and 34.8% of classes having fewer than 20 students. Most students attend Stevens Institute of Technology for their Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science. The school’s acceptance rate is approximately 40% and the average age of students who are accepted is 19 years old.


The school offers a variety of undergraduate degree programs in engineering, computer science, and mathematics. The majority of students admitted are in the top 20% nationally on the SAT. In fact, 50% of admitted students scored between 640 and 710 on the SAT. The remaining students scored between 690 and 770. This means that students with a high composite SAT score have a good chance of being accepted into Stevens Institute of Technology.

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