If you face any error in Instagram that “Instagram can’t refresh feed” and looking for solutions, here we are to assist you. The purpose of this article is to explain why this happens and how you can resolve it. You can upload visual content to Instagram and interact with others’ photos and videos. You can share photos and videos on Instagram, part of the Facebook family. 

This is an excellent way to engage with those you admire and find creative and exciting content. When you try to view newly uploaded photos, you may encounter an error message that says, “Could not refresh feed.”. Our guide to fixing this error and updating your feed will walk you through the steps.


Reasons why Instagram can’t refresh feed:

Here are some main reasons you may face issues your Instagram Feed won’t refresh

  • Slow Internet Connection

Most of the time, the Instagram feed won’t refresh when your Internet connection is slow. If you ever face this issue, check your internet connection or try changing the router, then see what happens. Many factors can lead to choppy internet connections, including too many devices using the connection simultaneously or a weak signal.

  • Instagram Needs Update

Sometimes the Instagram app gets outdated, but you do not update it. As a result, your Instagram feed will be stuck in one place. You’re bound to experience some performance issues on Instagram if you have an old version installed on your device, one of which might be an error message that indicates the feed couldn’t be refreshed.

  • Instagram Cache

Instagram may encounter performance issues if its cache files are full on your computer, which can prevent your feed from updating. A cache file is a temporary file that helps app load pages more quickly and smoothly by storing temporary information in the device.

  • Servers Down

If Instagram’s servers are down, it is unlikely that the app will refresh your feed. If Instagram’s servers are down, make sure to check its other social media accounts. To stay updated on any outages, you can also visit Downdetector.

  • Mobile Date and Time is Wrong

Instagram may display the ‘Couldn’t refresh feed’ error when the time and date on your device don’t match up with the time on the internet. The app would encounter conflicts if its back end didn’t match your phone’s time and date, so it would display conflicting values when trying to refresh your feed.

  • Illegal Activity on Instagram

Users on Instagram are constantly monitored for inauthentic behavior, and the company restricts their accounts if they are found indulging in it. In most cases, this occurs when your account is relatively new and you have liked/commented on too many posts or followed too many accounts within a short period.


How to fix Instagram’s can’t refresh feed issue?

These are some steps that will help you fix this issue on Instagram.

  • Make sure you have a stable Internet Connection.

Ensure the internet connection you are using is working well and has adequate speed. If you’re on Wifi/mobile data, make sure the signal is strong. Just open up your web browser and go to any website to test your internet. A slow internet connection will take a long time to load. Speedtest is an excellent tool for checking a connection’s speed.

  • Set your Phone Date to Automatic

Your Instagram feed may not refresh if your phone’s date and time settings are set manually and are out of sync with the current time. Be sure to put them to automatic so that your feed is refreshed automatically.

  • Login Again to your Account

Please log out and log back into the Instagram app to determine if the ‘Couldn’t refresh feed‘ error is fixed. Using the Settings app, go to your profile picture, select ‘Log out,’ and you will be logged out of Instagram. Log in to the app by entering your username and password after closing the app.

  • Clear Cache

Go to the settings menu of your device and select ‘Apps’> ‘Instagram‘. Once you have located and set the ‘Clear Cache’ option, all Instagram cache files will be removed from your device. When you open Instagram after clearing your cache, you will have to log in again. Before clearing the cache for Instagram, make sure you know your credentials. When you open Instagram after clearing your cache, you will have to log in again. Before removing the cache for Instagram, make sure you know your credentials.

  • Restart your Phone

It’s also a good idea to restart your device because the system usually gets fixed by rebooting. You may need to restart your phone if you still get the ‘couldn’t refresh feed’ error. You will need to hold down the power button on your Android device until you see the reboot option and select it. 

  • Update Instagram App

Go to the Play Store or the App Store on your phone to download Instagram. Update the app if it is outdated. You can install the latest version by clicking ‘Update’ if it isn’t already installed. You can also uninstall and reinstall the app again. 

Final Words

If you face the issue “Instagram can’t refresh the feed,” you can read our article to know what can cause this issue and how to overcome it. You can apply the steps mentioned above and find the solution. We hope that our information will help you. If you have any queries or suggestions, let us know in the comment section. 

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