Details – In two years, police officers have collected and stored 27 million messages from 11,800 devices in 100 countries.

ANOM: All four of these letters fall short in the history of police technical success. The FBI and police forces in many countries achieved this historic “capture” only through the patient success of criminals around the world in using their “encrypted messaging app”. This strength lies in the technology used in social engineering to fit the “Trojan horse” into targeted targets.

For years, criminal circles have relied on encrypted telephone systems to be able to communicate when they set themselves apart from the authorities. In 2018, Phantom Secure, a Canadian company that specializes in designing high-security BlackBerry for criminals, was removed, soon to be replaced by another popular mafia communications tool, Sky ECC. This creates a vacuum in the market. FBI experts had the idea of ​​filling it with an alternative solution prepared by a tailor.

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