In The Menu, the Chef can carry out his gruesome plot, but Margot is finally spared, and she is allowed to leave near the end. The Menu, released on November 18, 2022, received favorable reviews as it explored themes of alienation from one’s job, artists’ waning zeal, and the intellectuals’ pretentiousness. Anya’s Taylor performance Joy’s as the no-nonsense Margot matched Ralph Fiennes’ brilliant and eerie portrayal of Chef Julian Slowik right from the start of the thriller comedy. Even while The Menu sought to delve into each character’s specific motivations and backstories, Margot and Chef Julian’s relationship unexpectedly advanced the story.

An exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime supper experience at Hawthorn rapidly evolved into a night of secrets revealed, plans carried out, and resentments discharged. Apart from divulging his horrific upbringing and offering unpleasant commentary, Chef Julian had a crucial role in exposing the most sinister details about The Menu‘s ensemble of characters, such as their involvement in illicit relationships and embezzlement activities. Strategically placed each one of them in that exclusive eatery since they all had a part in the commercialization of the form of art that the Chef had fallen in love with. As a result, his restaurant will burn down along with his workers and customers, save for one, much as the flames of Chef Julian’s passion did.

Because Margot challenges the Chef, he lets her go.

Because Margot challenges the Chef, he lets her go

Margot was essentially permitted to depart near the end of The Menu since she was an outlier. She immediately stood out among the wealthy and famous from the moment she first appeared in the movie. She was disgustedly astonish when she learned how much a dinner experience at Hawthorn cost. The unaccounted pawn in the sick chess game that night was Anya Taylor-Margot, Joy, who had been hire as Tyler’s date by Nicholas Hault’s Tyler. She was the only person unmove by the commotion around eating Chef Julian’s creations since she never tried to pretend to appreciate the various courses or join in on the general sycophantic conduct of the other guests.

Margot could look right through Chef Julian, from one employee of the service business to the next. Chef gave Margot the appearance of acceptance, but she also won his respect by defying him with a cheeseburger order. It was the only time throughout The Menu when the Chef appeared to be enjoying himself as the meal was being prepare and gradually rekindled his enthusiasm. After all, it was real food meant to be consumed by real people, not historical allegories or political messages meant to be debated by snobs. That is why she lets Margot take her cheeseburger to go, turning a horror movie cliché, and leaving the snobby restaurant to burn down.

Why Didn’t the Other Menu Characters Try to Leave?

Why Didn't the Other Menu Characters Try to Leave

In The Menu, Margot seized the chance to appeal for assistance, but Chef Julian interrupted with a startlingly clear query: “This entire evening, why didn’t you all strive harder to fight back?” Soren (Arturo Castro), Dave (Mark St. Cyr), Bryce (Rob Yang), and George (John Leguizamo), four affluent business partners, had plans, but after making a few fruitless efforts to flee, they gave their life to Chef. They felt that until The Menu’s conclusion, everything Chef Slowik did was meant to impress them, which is disturbing because they still saw their invitation to Hawthorn as proof of their power and influence, from Lillian, the food critic, to George, the washed-up movie star.

The fact that they no longer protected the protagonist’s secrets was made clear to them right away. The Menu‘s patrons were already resigned to their fate since they were more concerned with protecting their reputation than with surviving because Chef Slowik had ammunition ready to be delivered to the public. They would sooner die than live with a wounded pride because they felt that addressing their issues and witnessing the life they had built fall in front of them were more important than being slain. That is not a problem, Tor Margot. After all, she was the only person battling for survival.

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