What is Power Waxer?

Regular waxing helps maintain the lovely gloss that your car was designed to have. In addition, your vehicle will appear even better than when it first came off the lot because it will be protected against damage to the paint finish.

But occasionally, applying wax by hand can be…tiresome. Even for the most eager vehicle person, it may be time-consuming and exhausting, even with the correct towels.

So what can be done? You might be considering waxing your automobile with a power waxer, but you’re not sure if it’s a wise choice.

Fortunately, we have the solutions for you. Inside and out, we’re passionate about vehicles, and if you’re reading this, you likely share that passion.

So, let’s talk about how and why you can use a power waxer.

How Come I Use a Power Waxer?

power waxer

As we’ve already discussed, waxing your automobile by hand can be quite powerful and looks great in movies, but it is also very exhausting to wax every square inch of your car.

If you’re not already on board, consider using a power waxer for the following reasons:

Get more done more quickly.

Nobody enjoys wasting time, and a power waxer can shorten the time needed to complete the task. With a power waxer, you can leave the garage in a fraction of the time it would take to work by hand.

Unless, of course, you can spin your hand at 2000 RPM.

Cut back on your effort.

Cut back on your effort.

Have we mentioned how tiring waxing your automobile is? It’s wonderful to take a shortcut sometimes, especially when you already have a lot on your plate.

Hello, aching shoulders. Good day, power waxer.

Increase Finish Smoothness

As we said, you’re probably not spinning your towels as quickly as a power waxer can by hand.

 Depending on the specific waxer, the number of rpm can vary, but because of the high speeds, the ride will be done more smoothly than with your slow, human arms alone.

Power Waxer: Characteristics And Forms

A power waxer is a piece of machinery used for polishing wood floors. A large brush is used to apply heated wax to bare flooring after it has been heated in the power waxer. 

The solidified wax provides a long-lasting glossy appearance while carrying grit and dirt. Read the provided instructions before making a wax purchase to determine which kind of wax is best for you.

Depending on the waxing technique, there are two power waxers: cordless and rotary.

The rotary waxer is harsher and requires more skill or effort to wax. Additionally, only use waxing pads intended for waxing and not for pad removal. A proprietary UV system in the VP power waxer shields the car’s paint from harmful UVB and UVA radiation for at least five months. It wipes on the surface cleanly and quickly without leaving a trace. In addition, it creates a protective film on the car’s surface that is safe from fiberglass, plastic, chrome, and vinyl. Additionally, you can use this power waxer on different plastic moldings and surfaces.

If you plan to paint and varnish a surface, you should get a power waxer. Power waxers come in varieties, each with varying levels of strength and power. There is a guideline you may use to pick the best power waxer for you. The top power waxers available are below; select one based on your project, budget, and level of expertise:

Power waxers available in several types 

Handheld Power Waxer

The ideal waxing equipment for both beginners and experts is small power. Its strongest feature is the waxer’s random orbit, in which the pads move in a random arc rather than rubbing and scorching the paint.

The power waxer has a modest price tag and a one-year warranty.

The waxer also includes a 7-inch pad and a 12.5 Amp motor. The waxer operates smoothly and has a long lifespan because of its ball-bearing motor. This machine can be operated at a variable speed that best meets your requirements. Additionally, it offers 6-position speed controls, allowing you to select the ideal setting for you.

The equipment is easy to use and store thanks to its small form. It includes a lock-on switch mode to prevent you from accidentally hitting buttons. It also has a dual handle system, which helps you work comfortably without becoming fatigued, in addition to these characteristics. With loop and hook backing, swap out the pads as necessary.

This waxer’s only flaw is that it makes a little more noise than other waxers. But, in all other respects, it is the ideal waxer for experts and even beginners.

Dewalt power waxer

You made the proper choice if you chose to purchase a Dewalt power waxer. The rotary polisher, brushless buffer, and random orbital polisher are part of the 20V Max XR brand. The same battery powers all the devices above. Thus no further charges are necessary. Each model of this power waxer has a 7-inch backing pad and plate, a straight side handle, and a 3-position bale handle.

Cordless power waxer car

It is the best choice for a premium portable power waxer. Cleaning, waxing, and polishing the car is simple with the cordless waxer. It is a mobile tool powered by 18V DC batteries, allowing for convenient long-term use. In addition, it has two-speed settings and a battery life of 45 minutes.

Dewalt power waxer 20v max

It is the ideal tool for buffing and polishing your car’s surface. This waxer model includes two batteries, each rated at 5 Ah. Due to its thin, horizontal footprint, this battery won’t come into contact with your work item.

Tips for Getting the Best Results

As we’ve already mentioned, waxing can truly revitalize your automobile if it’s beginning to age, and with routine maintenance, you can keep it looking brand-new.

Use the power waxer in moderate, straight strokes to achieve the best result. You want the wax to be smooth and have swirls. The task can be completed with long, straight strokes.

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