Through a collaboration with IMDb, TikTok users may link the movies and TV episodes they discuss. The entertainment app is where fans interact with one another and learn more about the movies and TV shows they love. The community had driven by TV fans, niche fandoms, and reviewers eager to debate subjects they are passionate about. In the past, viewers had to exit the app and go directly to IMDb’s website to find more information about the movies they saw on TikTok. But because of the inconvenience, people frequently continue to browse the FYP.

Thanks to new functionality, users can now link directly to movie and TV titles within their videos on TikTok. These links will reveal details about movies and TV shows, including the top cast members, director, genre, release date, runtime, and user rating. IMDb data power the information. Users can find and learn about the available content without leaving the social media app, thanks to the agreement between the Bytedance company and the entertainment database.

How to Connect TV Shows and Movies on Tiktok

How to Connect TV Shows and Movies on Tiktok

It doesn’t take long to tag movies and TV series, and helps the creators. To add a new video, start by opening the app and selecting the “+” icon. Should create the TikTok video as usual; then, you should go to the last post-editing page. Click the ‘Add link’ button that appears after the description at that point. Select the “Movies and TV” tab next. Users can select up to five movies per TikTok by searching any of the millions of films and television shows available on IMDb. Press the “Add” button after choosing the desired content. Users will notice the tag above the caption when they view the video. TikTok will present a summary and important details about the chosen title when the link has a click.

While this feature benefits movie makers, it also benefits those who make content. For each link, for instance, there is a list of TikTok videos that also tag the same movie or TV show and promote the maker. To provide a second source of income, production businesses may support content creators and ask that their tags appear in pertinent videos.

According to IMDb, a linking feature will be available on the user’s profile. It is still unknown whether this is a feature that all users can access or if they must win it after a particular threshold of followers to reach. Update the app frequently to obtain the newest features. The timing of specific updates may vary depending on the location. For the time being, the IMDb and TikTok partnership is only accessible in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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