May 19, 2022

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How to Sign up for a Free Account at FABGuys?

How to Sign up for a Free Account at FABGuys?

“Equal Rights” is the basic need of every citizen for any democratic country and this right cannot discriminate based on what is the sexual orientation of a citizen. But as far as these rights are concerned, the LGBTQ community had to fight for these basic rights around the globe even in so-called developed and modern countries. As a straight couple is free to choose their soulmate, Gay couples have always been behind the curtains to find their best mate. FabGuys in this context has played a very important role to provide a whole new platform to those couples who were homosexual and looking for their life partner.

FabGuys is one of the best dating websites for gay couples who are looking for their soul mate and this website is so popular in Europe, New Zealand, America, and Canada that more than 20 thousand users consistently visit the website. The best feature of this website is that it is completely free to use, register, or log in as well as it secures your private information.

Some of the important features of FabGuys are:

  1. No Registration Fee
  2.  Search Guys in the Local Area
  3. Meet Events
  4. Verification Badge
  5. Secure Profiles

How to register on FabGuys:

FabGuys is very easy to use and quite user-friendly as far as its interface is concerned and still, if you are looking for a detailed solution of how to sign up for a free account at FABGuys then this article will help you in this context in different steps of these parts.

PART A: Basic Registration Details:

STEP 1: First of all, open the homepage of FabGuys with your browser or just click on the following link to directly open the homepage i.e.,

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STEP 2: Go to the Registration option on the homepage or this link to register yourself on FabGuys.

STEP 3: To register yourself on FABGuys, enter your basic details in the respective boxes such as your name, gender, date of birth, contact details, username, and password.

STEP 4: After these basic details, enter the security code shown as a captcha to prove that any AI is not misusing this platform.

STEP 5:   The most important thing that comes after this is where you have to show that you are 18+ and ready to make dating decisions for yourself. If you are not 18+ you cannot go further in this step.

STEP 6: After this step, click on the “Create my free account” option.

PART B: Location and Sexual Orientation:

After completion of the first part, FabGuys asks you some more details which are provided in this second part in the following steps.

STEP 1: After successful completion of your details, again go to the login page of FabGuys or you may directly use this link

STEP 2: Enter the username and password you just set in the previous part and click on the login button.

STEP 3: This opens your FabGuys account as the first time user where it asks your location i.e., your country, choose your country from the list provided.

STEP 4: Choose your sexual orientation such as MM, TV, TS, or CD where MM is for Male-Male couples, TV is for Transvestite, TS for Transexual, and CD for crossdressers.

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STEP 5: After competing for this step, click on the “Save and Continue” option.

PART C: Whom you are looking for:

Once you complete the second part, FabGuys registration is almost complete with the third and final part which is about the sexual orientation of your partner.

The details are almost similar to the previous one, not about you but your partner such as

Looking for:

  • In this option, you have to choose any one of the sexual orientations which you expect to be your partner’s like “a male”, “a male couple”, “TV/TS”. Select any one of these.


  • Select the age of your partner in the given list where you can select the age of your partner starting from 18 years onwards.

Country of your Partner:

  • Though in most of the cases people look for their partner in their own country but still if you are traveling a lot then this option will help you find your partner where you want to.
  • After this, to create your profile better upload your profile picture and get it verified by FabGuys.

This is the final step of your registration, and you are completely ready to access your FabGuys account. To know more about FabGuys you can go to, as here are also given some of the alternatives of this website.