Apply online Canadian visa need to visit the Canadian Immigration Bureau sanctioned website to apply for the whole process online Canadian visa operation is in English, but also in the operation process is stylish to be ready for a Canadian visa and scrutinized material good, because to be used when uploading data Scrutinized dupe. Online operation supports Mastercard, Visa andJCB.However, you can begin to see the following online operation process the

, If you meet theseconditions.first step login Canadian Immigration Bureau website and choose the type of operation;

Step two Register GCKey account;

third step upload data.

 Step 1 Log in to the Canadian Immigration Service website and elect the type of operation.

Click on My Operation to apply for a Canada Visa Online, and you can also see colorful information related to the visa operation then. As shown in the figure

After entering the runner, directly click on the part of the circle on the picture apply online for a visa, study or work permit. Also enter the online operation runner.

Still, it’s recommended that you first click Answer a many questions under Determine your eligibility and fill out a set of questionnaires to see if you’re eligible to apply, If you’re applying online for the first time. The sanctioned website will automatically help you in listing a medication roster and help you apply online!

Click” Check your eligibility”and you’ll see a questionnaire with 5 questions. The first one is the purpose of your coming to Canada, including study ( Study), trip ( Visit), move there, and work. ( Work), short- term conveyance ( Conveyanceonly-less than 48 hour), business visit (IEC-Travel and Work). Please choose according to your factual situation. For excursionists, they should choose Visit.

Also, according to your factual situation, you can fill in step by step according to the website conditions. After submitting the question, take a look at your answer. The answer is no question. Go to the comingstep.However, you’ll get a 12- number Particular Reference Law ( analogous to TN1234567890), If you qualify. This periodical number is veritably, veritably important! It’s recommended to print it out or save it in a train, which will be used in unborn visa operations.

 Step 2 Register a GCKey account.

To apply Canada visa for green card holder log in to mycic. Check Operation Status”to enter the selection runner. Click” Subscribe in your account”. There are numerous options in the drop-down menu. Choose your visatype However, choose”Visitor Visa”, If you’re traveling.

Click the button to enter to produce an account. Follow the way to produce your own Mycic account; produce a stoner name and word. When creating a word, don’t have three successive characters, and don’t repeat the stoner name. When registering, you have to ask yourself 4 questions, and you won’t be asked when you log in.

After the account is registered, log in with your username and word, and you’ll see this interface.

Continue to produce a MyCIC account and click”I Accept”. Fill in the options for surname, first name, and whether you’re over 16 times old, enter your usual dispatch address, choose whether your favored language is English or French, and also choose Continue.

At this point, it’s time to set up the question. Now you can set up the question yourself, but you must remember the answer.

After setting up the question, click” continue”. The enrollment step then has been completed. Remember to click the”I would like to admit yearly updates about my operation” option so that you can admit the communication at any time.

 Step 3 Submit operation accoutrements.

Click on the first Visitor Visa, pupil/ and workpermit to apply for Canada Visa application online. Also enter the Particular Reference Law, which is the question just answered in eligibility, and click the blue button below to continue.

Check the information you have submitted, and if there’s anything wrong, you need to modify it in time.

Still, you can submit the operation accoutrements, If there are no problems.

 Upload your operation accoutrements and pay the visa figure of 100 Canadian bones online to complete the online operation process. You’ll continue to see the progress of your operation in your MY CIC. You can stay patiently for the dispatch according to the website prompts. The delegacy will confirm the visa operation with you by dispatch. Also, according to the conditions of the dispatch, you can submit your passport to the visa service center on time.

The over is about how to apply for a Canada visa operation online. However, please leave a communication to us and we will reply you as soon as possible, If you have any questions during the process of applying for a Canadian visa.

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