Perhaps you are prepared to submit a job application for your first position directly related to your academic studies. Or maybe you need a résumé to apply for more babysitting jobs, look more professional, and have a better chance of getting hired. Whichever approach you decide on, how can you add childcare experience to your resume?

Your CV should have an experience section, after which you should list your babysitting jobs under the heading “Babysitting.” List your major responsibilities, then provide a combined start and end date. Include any additional skills or certifications you may have, such as first aid and CPR training.

Even though babysitting is less prevalent and generally regarded as an entry-level position, many of the skills are transferrable to other positions you may desire in the future, whether in the childcare or education sector or elsewhere. Find out in this post how to include babysitting experience in your resume to make it stand out to potential employers. Use the Berkeley resume builder to make a perfect resume.

How to Include Child Care on Your Resume

It should take you, at most, a few hours to include experience with babysitting in your CV. Most tasks will include brainstorming and selecting the most appropriate words and phrases.

Work through the following parts step-by-step while holding your resume close by. Faster than you think, you’ll have a great updated résumé!

Include a section of experience on your resume

Add an “Experience” section to your resume if you haven’t already. Although you may choose to put it first, this is often placed after the section of your resume that displays your education.

Put “Babysitter” as the title of your position under “Experience.” Include the dates you worked as a babysitter and the city, state, or province where you performed your babysitting assignments.

For example,

From 2014 to the present: BABYSITTER



Concentrate all of your expertise on a single project. Instead of listing down every specific household for whom you provided care, it is advisable to combine all of your babysitting experience into one wide period. Employers are cautious when they see a resume from a candidate who frequently switches jobs every few months since it could be a warning sign that they won’t be able to cling onto a position. Instead of risking being called out and having to defend yourself at an interview, portray childcare as one continuous duty, you completed over a lengthy period.

Think about several occupations. You might consider using a different term, such as “Childcare Provider,” as the word “babysitter” carries some negative connotations associated with children.

Describe Your Work As A Babysitter

Use action verbs and bullet points to keep your resume concise and interesting. Ideally, you should modify the data to precisely correspond to the position you’re applying for.

For instance, if you were seeking a teaching position, it would be advisable to draw attention to any academic support you provided while babysitting, such as tutoring and assignment help. You might also discuss your strategies for behavior modification or social-emotional learning.

Mention the kids’ ages, the amount of time you spent with them, any special needs they may have had, and the activities you engaged in when submitting a job application to a daycare.

It might not appear like babysitting has anything to do with the position you’re applying for. Connecting your babysitting experience to your application for a position as a bank teller may be challenging. In this situation, attempt to concentrate on more important concepts like accountability. If in doubt, focus on highlighting the aspects of your childcare experience that closely match or come across as most outstanding.

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