Henry Legolant is a 5th Class Junior Magic Knight, living in the Black Bulls’ hideout. He has a rare condition: he absorbs magic from anyone near him. Because of this, his body is extremely weak, and he will die if he doesn’t get enough magic. It’s unknown how this condition developed, and it is revealed during the Elves’ revenge arc. In the manga, Legolant was often seen as a recurring character, but he isn’t one of the main characters.


In the series, the black bull, “Gauche”, is a common villain. But it’s not all about villains. Black bulls can also be fun, but they can also be dangerous. This article will look at the characteristics of Gauche and the dangers he poses. Those with a strong personalities should not be afraid of this beast. But they should be careful with it. Here are some tips for protecting yourself from him:

The first thing you need to know about Gauche is her origin. She is a noble from House Adlai. She’s five feet tall and has elf-like features. Her younger sister, Marie, is also her favorite. In battle, Gauche uses mirror magic to create copies of herself and her enemies. Her power is partly derived from her elf mother, the Drown. She is also a third-class Junior Magic Knight of the House Silva.

Henry Legolant

Henry Legolant is a character from the anime, Black Clover. He is a 5th Class Junior Magic Knight and member of the Black Bull squad. He has long white hair and wears Black Bull robes. Henry’s personality is kind and sympathetic, and his slow talking style makes Gauche deeply annoyed. His powers include passively absorbing other people’s mana and changing the shape of rooms in his magic house. You can read more about Henry’s history, skills, and personality by continuing to read the following paragraphs.

When Henry’s parents left, he was almost dead. However, when he met Yami, she promised him to bring new members to the squad. Now, Henry lives for the squad. He watches the others in the base and becomes friends with them. He also gets to meet new people and learns more about himself. The story also highlights the bond that Yami has with Henry. It also shows how important and beloved a friend can be.

Black Bull Squad

The Black Bulls are a group of superhuman creatures, and their powers are enhanced by magic. A member of the squad is Gauche Adlai, who uses Mirror Magic to manipulate his surroundings. He has a small mirror in place of his left eye, and he can create multiple clones of himself. Once a noble, he was taken into captivity after a rival noble robbed him of his sister. However, he is freed after Yami saves her from the Queen of Witches and saves her sister, Marie Adlai.

The Black Bulls’ base is owned by Henry Legolant, who uses Recombination Magic to remodel it. The squad also has demon members. Henry was born a noble but suffered from a mysterious illness that saps his mana. He tries to survive by passively siphoning other people’s mana. When Yami arrives, she helps him recover his mana so that he can fight against the evil Shadow Knights.

Henry Legolant’s Ability to Absorb Mana

Henry Legolant is the owner of Black Bulls’ base, where he uses Recombination Magic to remodel the base. He is a slow talker, and has a tendency to go on about his business slowly. He was born with a curse-based illness that requires him to passively siphon mana from others. Henry assumed that he would die before he ever saw his parents again, but Yami convinces him otherwise.

Henry Legolant has an unusual disease that requires him to siphon sorcery from other people. His family left him for several months when they moved to a separate house in the Common Region. Yami Sukehiro found his room and enlisted him into her Black Bull crew. Because of this, Henry has the unique ability to assimilate mana from others, but it is inconsistent outside of the sorcery house.

Gauche’s Relationship with Asta

As the relationship between Gauche and Asta progresses, the readers begin to notice changes in the character’s personality. Earlier, Gauche was a cold, aloof, and self-centered wolf. In ‘The Lion King,’ he was redeemed by the Black Bulls after killing the demon king and saving his human family from destruction. Now, however, Gauche has come to accept the Black Bulls as superior to humans.

In the film, it is revealed that the Witch Queen augmented the Anti-Magic flow in Asta’s body. This allows Asta to transform into Black Asta, a form that utilizes the devil’s grimoire. As a result, Asta has the Weg curse mark on her arm, which makes her a target for the Magic Parliament. Despite this, the two form a bond to fight the devil together.

Gauche’s Relationship with Noelle

The second season of “Game of Thrones” focused on the relationship between Noelle Legolant and Gauche, the captain and chief of the Black Bulls. The arc spanned four seasons, from season one to season four. Although the characters have no direct kinship, the character’s relationship with each other is complex and entangled. For the most part, the relationship between the two is complex, and there are a few notable incidents that make Gauche resentful of her sister’s friendship.

Grey is a shy blue-haired girl who joined the Black Bulls after being driven from her home by an abusive stepmother. In the course of their relationship, Grey becomes fascinated with Gauche and develops feelings for him. She uses her Transmutation Magic to transform into another creature, initially posing as a mysterious shadowy man, until she is forced to reveal her true self. Grey eventually learns how to transform her magic into other attributes, including her human form.

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