This article reviews the Middle English name Sir Gowther, a king and a legend from Greek mythology. In addition to Sir Gowther, we also look at the characters of Meliodas and Roberd of Cesile. In addition, we briefly discuss the meanings of the other names mentioned in the text. For more information, please read the following links. Gowther is a fictional character from Greek mythology.

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Middle English Sir Gowther

The tale of Sir Gowther has been told in numerous versions throughout history. However, it was not until the fifteenth century that it fully explored its literary history. In the Middle English language, the tale has been associated with the poets Sir Gowther and Roberd of Cesile. The influence of these two poets marked the English acknowledgment of the story. Despite this connection, some questions remain.

Roberd of Cesile

The story of Roberd of Cesile, Gowtheer, begins when a man named Roberd of Cesile falls into a well and is saved by an angel. He has been a madman for 10 years and is a criminal, but he eventually comes to believe in the power of the angel. He uses his enchanted armor to protect himself and suppress his powers.


Meliodas is a demon captain, a member of the Seven Deadly Sins. He is a powerful demon, yet he is agile, and his signature ability is Full Counter. Full Counter reflects magical attacks with a greater amount of power. It is effective only against magical attacks and not against physical attacks. Meliodas can also manifest demonic power and versatile dark energy from his body. His berserker state also allows him to unleash the full power of his demon nature.


As an Archangel, Estarossa is a member of the Goddess Clan and the Archangel of Death. She was granted the Divine Grace, Sunshine, which enabled her powers to increase. She later rescued the slain Goddess, Meliodas, and rewrote his memories to make him a powerful demon. As a child, she admired and idolized her elder brother Ludociel, but when the Demon Clan tried to slay her, Estarossa became jealous.


The Hawk at Gowther is a mysterious and powerful creature. Though his actual age is unknown, we know he is sixteen, making him the youngest member of the Team Seven Deadly Sins. Of course, depending on the context, he may be older than 16 years or just a young boy. The Hawk’s name is a pun on the word ‘vomit.’


Nadja is the sister of Bartra Liones, the princess of the kingdom of Liones. She first meets Gowther while exploring the kingdom. She is shocked when she sees him and asks him questions. Nadja vows to come back to him and be with him again. But Gowther is not satisfied and makes her leave. He tells her he will return and help her when she is old.


A member of the Seven Deadly Sins, Gowther lives in the village of Ordan. He possesses the sin of Lust. He is tattooed with a goat symbol above his breast. Slader is an androgynous bookworm who was clad initially in massive armor. Unfortunately, this armor stabilized his powers and made him seem emotionally cold and socially inept. As a result, Gowther often performs questionable acts.

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