Looking for a girls name starting with t? Here are some popular choices: Taisha, Tabitha, Taylor, and Taishah. You can even choose one from each of these categories. The names below have special meanings; you can even use more than one of them as your girl’s name. Listed below are the top three girls’ names for those who want to be unique. Read on to find the perfect name for your little girl!


Taisha, a  girls name starting with t, is a Muslim girl’s name and means “full of life.” It is also a common Muslim baby name in Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Comoran, Emirati, Indonesian, Kuwait, Malaysia, Palestinian, Tunisian, and Yemen. Numerous beautiful Muslim girls name starting with t. Here are some examples:

If you’re a fan of the Japanese or Sanskrit language, you might consider the name Taisha. This name means “alive.” It is a common first and middle name for girls but is rarely used as a last name. Taisha has a score of 3.0 out of five on our site based on our users’ votes. So feel free to rate it or comment on its meaning.

Another exciting name beginning with a t is Tulsi. Tulsi means “holy basil” in Hindi. It is a beautiful, unusual, and uncommon name. Other ‘T’ names start with a t, including Taisie and Taisia. These names are also related to Taisha. Listed below are the 20 most popular baby girls name starting with t.


In Arabic, the name Taishah means “live.” It is also a variant of the name Camille, French for “candle.” The first letters of the word are both prond as T, but many people spell it with two Ls. This Latin name is not uncommon, but it is not often used as a first or middle name. It has many different spellings, including Catherine, Christina, Christa, and Chloe.

Girl names beginning with the letter T convey strength, bravery, and kindness. This powerful consonant sound commands attention and leaves a lasting impression on others. Girls with this first letter are also likely to be peacemakers and neat, so they will be pleased to be around neatly-kempt families. On the other hand, they may be easily distressed when things are a little out of order. If you’re looking for a girl name with the letter T, check out our list of trendy T baby names.


A girl’s name starting with the letter “T,” has many meanings. In Hebrew, it means “sweet, unpredictable.” In Irish mythology, this name comes from the ancient hill of Tara, where the stone of destiny was held. Russian, this name means “fairy princess.” In English, Tabitha is a diminutive of Theresa, a popular nickname. The name is also an Arabic derivative, meaning “congratulations.”

In the Bible, the name Tabitha means “clear-sighted” and “roe-deer.” The name is also found in Greek, where it means gazelle. In the New Testament, Tabitha was a good-doer and the apostle Paul’s mother. As a result, it is a popular girl’s name. It is also a good choice for a girl who loves animals and nature.


If you are searching for a girl name that starts with T, you will be delighted to know that there are a great many options available. This letter can be a beautiful choice because it conveys the qualities of kindness, tolerance, and patience. It is also associated with leadership and peacemaking qualities. Girls with this letter are usually very neat and organized and may get agitated if things are not in order. If you are looking for a unique name for your girl, you can choose from many trendy names for girls beginning with T.

Girl names beginning with T include the classic Tabitha, the unique Thea, and trendy Tessa. These names are top of the style scale and have palpable energy. This letter is also associated with qualities like tenderness, warmth, and goodheartedness. Whatever type of personality your girl has, she will surely be a perfect match for a girl’s name, starting with T. It is always a good idea to explore different names for your girl before making the final choice.


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