Frozen star Idina Menzel admits there’s one difference she created to “Let It Go” that she nearly regrets now. In 2013, Tony winner Menzel created Disney history when she voiced Queen Elsa in Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee’s Frozen

The movie was a surprise hit, raking in over $1.2 billion worldwide and succeeding two Academy Awards. However, Menzel’s turn as Elsa – specifically her showstopping tune “Let It Go” – reached a level of vogue few modern Disney songs have been competent to match.

 In addition to succeeding in several awards, “Let It Go” made it to the top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart & went viral.

Now, however, Menzel recognises something about her vocals in “Let It Go” that she looks back on with unease.

Menzel tells CNN that after first recording the song, she requested a change: to raise her vocals. While she stands by her decision, a portion of the actor now regrets it. Menzel states:

Why Let It Go Remains One Of Disney’s Largest Songs

Since Frozen‘s release nearly a decade ago, Disney has only created one song that comes close to matching “Let It Go” in vogue, and that is Encanto‘s “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”.

That song also benefited from TikTok, which helped it go viral through fan-created parodies and recreations.

Without the help of the music-focused social media platform, Frozen’s song gained the same level of success as Encanto’s; instead, it erupted through other means as the core message of “Let It Go” connected with viewers everywhere.

“Let It Go” represents an essential turning point in Elsa’s Frozen journey. It is the moment when she stops repressing her icy powers and frees herself. Many people can relate to embracing one’s true self, which is why “Let It Go” was so well received. It’s even been used as an LGBTQ+ anthem.

It also helps that Menzel has incredible vocals, making it an inherently appealing song. Parents strength not have been big fans of “Let It Go” by the end of Frozen‘s peak vogue, but the song will always be recalled as one of Disney’s largest and best songs because of its extremely relatable message & its importance to Elsa.

Will Frozen 3 Ever Happen?

Frozen received a sequel in 2019, & ever since, there has been talking of a possible third film. Over the years, many cast components have spoken of the opportunity, from Kristen Bell to Josh Gad. 

The most recent update arrived last summer from Bell, who assured her and her co-stars’ interest in Frozen 3. However, nothing official has declared as of this writing. Not long after the sequel’s release, Lee cast doubt on Frozen 3 when she said the story felt done. 

However, with persisting interest in the franchise and “Let It Go” still enduring as a go-to Disney showstopper, there is a chance Disney will desire to revisit Elsa and her sister Anna someday in another Frozen movie.

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