Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom is one of the most iconic movies. It was release in 1984 and starred Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. In the movie, Indy travels to India to find the lost city of Atlantis. However, many people believe that the movie was not film in India. The real location for filming Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom was Nepal. It is why you will see vehicles and buildings in the movie that are not typically found in India. The Nepalese landscape and culture were perfectly suit for the film and helped to make it a success.

In India, the Temple of Doom couldn’t film.

On the surface, it seems like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom should have been a slam dunk for filming in India – after all, the country is overflowing with exotic locales perfect for a movie set. But ultimately, its production was ban from the country for political reasons.

The issues stem from author Graham King’s 1981 novel The Temple of Doom, which tells the story of Indiana Jones’ search for a lost Buddhist temple in India. The book was highly critical of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her government, and senior officials within her administration saw the potential film as an opportunity to embarrass her. As a result, permission to film was never grant by Gandhi’s government – despite efforts by producer George Lucas to secure it.

Today, many people credit Gandhi’s refusal to let the movie film in India as a major contributing factor to its box office failure upon release. The Temple of Doom only made $US22 million ($NZ34 million) at the worldwide box office – far less than Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope and Return of the Jedi. In hindsight, it’s clear that Lucas would have had much better luck securing permissions if he had chosen another country to shoot in instead.

Where Rather Than Here Was Temple Of Doom Film

The now iconic scene from Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom in which Indy is thrown into a fiery pit and has to fight his way out was not filmed in India, as many people believe. The scene was shot at Elstree Studios in England.

Who is Indiana Jones?

Indiana Jones is one of the most recognizable and celebrated names in Hollywood. He’s known for his daring and adventurous stunts and famous characters, such as Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom and Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. However, many people don’t know that the original movie idea for Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom was pitched to producer George Lucas in India.

The story goes that George Lucas was scouting locations for Star Wars while on vacation in England when he saw an article about a temple in India that had been destroy by the British. Inspired by this story, Lucas pitched the idea to producer Bob Zemeckis for a movie about an American archaeologist who travels to India to find the temple and gets embroile in an adventure involving Nazis and Hindu mythology.

However, once Lucas realized how expensive it would be to shoot the movie in India, he changed his mind and decided to use sets and props from other films instead. As a result, Indiana Jones never actually set foot in India while making any of his movies!

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