Giving each other Diwali gifts is an age-old tradition, one which is followed arduously in India. Diwali, the festival of lights, is the celebration of the inevitable victory of good and evil. On this auspicious event, we like to exchange Diwali gift baskets to express love and affection for each other. Gifts are a simple way to keep up the companionship and fellowship in our communities. Even the corporate world has realized the importance of this custom and started the distribution of Diwali gift baskets to employees.

Every gift manufacturer and supplies see a rise in sales during this period, and gift shops remain busy. Indeed, Diwali being the grandest Indian festival, people take part in Diwali shopping with gusto. Our well-wishers deserve to know that we value them, and choosing the perfect Diwali gift combo is the easiest way to communicate that. Communities having harmony and having a connection is an important aspect of the celebration. This season, promote togetherness by the sweet gesture of giving and receiving presents.

Where to buy Diwali gift baskets?

As mentioned before, Diwali brings about a surge of shopping and people splurge more. The shops are also busy at this time of the year, and arranging for Diwali baskets from offline shops becomes a hassle. Instead, more people are choosing to shop from online gift portals. Not only are they more reliable and easier to shop from, but the variety of gifts are also splendid, Experienced shops like Oyegifts, have new and affordable Diwali collections. Customers can also avail discounts and coupons while shopping and engage in scrolling for perfect gifts. 

They deliver Diwali gift baskets fast in Oyegifts, as they have an express delivery policy where gifts can reach their recipient within three hours. 

What to put in Diwali gift baskets?

You can choose from hundreds of Diwali hampers available online and decorate them as per your wish. We list some of the most popular Diwali gift baskets below-

Diwali dry fruits hamper

A good deal of health-conscious people is leaning towards choosing dry fruits as an alternative Diwali snack. Dry fruits have always been around as a Diwali gift basket option, but now people are choosing them over the oily and greasy food of festivals. A standard dry fruit basket will include pistachios, walnuts, almonds, raisins, cashews and even dates. Normally these Diwali gift baskets are decorated with diyas or gold coins in some cases. These have all the necessary ingredients like vitamins, proteins, fibres and minerals to keep the body healthy. People now know that dry fruits also have an important role in preventing heart disease.

Sweet mithai Diwali gift basket

On any joyous occasion, people tend to offer each other mithais or traditional Indian sweets to celebrate. When it comes to the biggest celebration of the year, things aren’t any different. Historically families used to make Diwali sweets in their homes, but with our busy life that routine becomes a bit tough to follow.  Luckily online gift portals have hundreds of attractive Diwali gift baskets of delicious delicacies for gifting purposes. Sweets like gulab jamun, rasgullas, Kaju katlis, besan laddoos, motichoor laddoos, and milk cakes are available as gift hampers.

Diwali gift baskets with fresh bouquets

Few gifts are as simple as flowers, but bouquets of our favourite flowers have the power to make us happy. It is amazing how simple gestures as getting Diwali gifts baskets of flowers are capable of brightening our day. In a good online store, you can choose from many varieties of fresh blooms such as gerberas, roses, lilies, and orchids. A special card with a happy and inspiring message is apt to complete the gift. Some high-end stores even allow you to customize your bouquet with your choice of flowers.

Diwali basket essentials

Sweets and chocolates are nice, but maybe you want to gift your friends and relatives something that will come of use to them every day. There are many options for that, as there are different Diwali baskets of daily essentials to choose from. Many online shops have curated baskets filled with necessities like deodorant, sunscreen, and fragrances. You can also choose to add items like dry fruits and mithais to sweeten the deal. The women in your life will be appreciative of your efforts at pampering them with an amazing hamper of necessary and luxury items.

Diwali basket of skincare essentials

Skincare has become more important than ever before, and both genders realize that skincare is a part of our overall health care routine. So, gifting your dear ones with skincare essentials is a good way to remind them to pick up and maintain a healthy process for themselves. There are many wonderful skincare hampers to choose from online, and most of them have essential items like cleansers, moisturizers, toners, sunscreen and body lotions.

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