Registration and participation

  • Game lovers from the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman.
  • And Qatar are invited to register their participation from October 25 to November 7.
  • To secure their place and compete in the national qualifiers. From here, participants will advance to the national finals and then to the grand finals on 24 November.


Celebrating games

  • The Reno6 PUBGG Mobile Cup aims to showcase the competition with mobile game fans across the region.
  • And celebrate the recently launched Reno6 Pro 5G, the official smartphone designated by PUBG Mobile
  • Middle East and Africa E sports 2021.
  • Includes top-up Qualcomm Snapdragon 870, 12GB of RAM, 256 GB of storage and X-axis linear motor.
  • Over the past few years we have seen mobile games gradually evolving into a mixed network of friends.
  • Has used this time to focus on developing the love of our users.
  • A growing number of people are playing for fun, entertainment and relaxation and revitalizing adventure by sharing with the community.
  • Armed with unparalleled game layouts on the Reno6 Pro 5G,
  • A functionalities developed in conjunction with PUBG Mobile,
  • Fans are always equipped to enjoy a superior gaming experience, without the hassle.


Support for big fan game:

It fully engages with low-level users and provides specialized game.

Resources and themed desktops to increase the interest of game enthusiasts.

The game does not seem to be out of control to fully control zeitgeist gaming and streaming,

But its mobile version, pubgg , is the most popular way to play.

Four years later, mobile gamers will have a new playground to run through PUBG: New Stage, scheduled to begin in Nov. 11 on iOS and Android.

PUBG Trailer: New State gives us an idea of   what the new game will look like. It is clear that the royal style of fighting that made PUBG so popular is returning, and we are getting a look at the new features that will be available – pay special attention to the drones flying high that will bring the materials used and redesign.

PUBG New State: Setup

The new game is set for the next 30 years in 2051, and while keeping the post-real-world video, the landscapes seem brighter and shiny (though perhaps that’s the development of images.) games like one-armed computer glass. There are also videos of new future travel plans and billboards projecting hologram on the music video for Fall of Troi.

PUBG New State: Weapons and Customization

Shooting on PUBG: New Region seems to have received an upgrade, with engineers demonstrating the performance of different guns on the official YouTube channel of the game. The reversal and spraying of each weapon will vary depending on your location when shooting – whether you are bent, standing, or carrying a gun. Another new addition to the game is customizable weapons – you’ll be able to customize your weapons, change the look and feel of your guns.

PUBG New Status: How to Play and Play

When launched, PUBG: The new region will feature four maps. The devs promised that the game would be updated regularly with new content, in the hope that it would give New State a longer life as it had in the first place. The team also said the game will bring “the full, consistent experience of PUBG: Battlefields on iOS and Android,” which should hopefully New State will incorporate the missing game modes into PUBG Mobile.

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