All games in the Xenoverse series are fun to play. There haven’t been any announcements for Xenoverse 3, but a sequel appears inevitable. It is easy to see why Xenoverse 2 was so successful – tons of mods were created, and fans went ballistic. A sequel to Xenoverse 2 is simply too popular to be ignored. A lot has been written about the possibility of a sequel and its release. Fans are expecting more to be revealed.

How will Xenoverse 3 differ from Xenoverse 2? Although Xenoverse 2 was a big hit, fans felt developers could improve several areas. There is room for growth in this game series, and the developers can take advantage of this to push it even further. Then what are some things the third installment of Xenoverse should include?


What are the features players expect from the Dragon ball xenoverse 3?
What are the features players expect from the Dragon ball xenoverse 3?
These are some features that the players want to have in the upcoming release of the Dragon ball xenoverse 3. 


More Customization Options

Almost all Xenoverse 2 fans agree: they want customizable options. Many fans have stated explicitly that they would like more options for hairstyles. The hairstyle you choose is a big part of what sets your character apart, and it would be spectacular if Xenoverse 3 offered more options in terms of both styles and colors. It should also be possible to customize how your hair looks when you become a super Saiyan and have more freedom when it comes to Saiyan hairstyles for girls.


Addition of Transformations

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 For Android - Latest Version 2022

Dragon Ball Z has a lot of incredible transformations, but let’s be honest. There is nothing better than seeing characters finally transform into a new form, so it is no surprise that the series focuses heavily on transformations. There were many astonishing transformations in Xenoverse 2, but it would be great to see even more. Could you imagine Zarbon’s horrible change or even that of Captain Ginyu? Fans have also expressed interest in seeing the Saiyan “Great Ape” transformations.


More Clothes and Customization

Fans are also usually looking for improvements in the area of clothing. A lot more clothing options can be added to Xenoverse 3, and the sky’s the limit. All of their clothing, from their socks to jackets, can be customized to their liking. A completely customizable Saiyan armor would also be excellent, as one could choose what color they wanted it to be. It is also frequently requested that “real” Saiyan tails be added to Xenoverse 2 – not the disappointing addition.


Addition of AI

Xenoverse can be played online, but not everyone likes it, and the AI in the second game is decent for the most part. Transformations are an area in which it fails. The AI in the game often doesn’t undergo the same transformations that an average player would go through during a match. A complete transformation of AI in Xenoverse 3 would be nice. In addition to being more challenging, this would result in more gripping gameplay.


Customization of Attacks

The player’s clothing and hair shouldn’t be the only thing that can be customized. Players should also be able to customize their attacks. Specifically, players should have the ability to customize their aura, choosing the color and pattern of energy flow as they power up. Similarly, selecting your Ki blast’s style and color would be great.


Addition of Saiyans

Even though Xenoverse has had many characters added, many Saiyan characters remain unadded. King Vegeta, Bardock, and other surfaces are past and present names. In the next installment of the game, we’d love to see more Saiyan characters.


Final Thoughts 

Although the mod version of Dragon ball xenoverse 3 has not been released yet, we have mentioned some improvements that a third-party person can make in the next release. There is no doubt about the popularity of all previous xenoverse games, so the same will go with this one also. 

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