Through the Google Play Beta Program, WhatsApp is distributing an update that upgrades the software version to

A compatible update for WhatsApp beta for Android is listed, although some fortunate beta testers might get the same feature after installing one of these updates:,,

What has been added in this update?

 For select beta testers, WhatsApp is releasing an extra shortcut to disappearing messages as a space-saving feature!

Facebook’s Whatsapp is a free program for texting and video calling.2 billion people utilize it throughout more than 180 countries. Because it is simple, dependable, and private, you can easily stay in touch with your friends and family. Whatsapp is free to use and functions on both mobile and desktop devices, including through a show connection.

A global private messaging service

A global private messaging service

Our calls and personal messages to our loved ones are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of your chats may read or listen to them, not even WhatsApp.

Immediately available simple and secure connections

No user names or logins are required; all you need is your phone number. You may instantly view the WhatsApp users among your contacts and begin messaging.

High-quality calls over voice and video

Make free* secure voice and video conversations with up to 8 people. Even on sluggish connections, your calls function on other mobile devices using the Internet service on your phone.

Maintain contact with your social circle

 You can share messages, images, videos, and documents using end-to-end encrypted group chats on both mobile and desktop. Stay in touch with your friends and family.

Keep in touch in real-time.

Only people in your private or group conversation will be able to see your location, and you can stop sharing at any time. Or leave a voicemail to quickly connect.

Post daily moments as status updates.

You can share text, pictures, videos, and GIF updates with Status, but they disappear after 24 hours.

You have the option to share status updates with all of your contacts or just a few.

Whatsapp Messenger installation instructions

Install the app, then if prompted to activate Unknown source, click alloW and your WhatsApp app will be installed on your device. Download the WhatsApp apk file, then proceed to the download folder, or just click on the completed download file on your mobile notification panel.

Now enter the phone number you want to use for WhatsApp; the service will connect to it shortly.

Verify the phone number you gave, and an SMS message will be sent to you. If you don’t get a message, you can ask for a call to confirm your phone number and recover your backup messages. or to finish the process, skip over this.

WhatsApp Update Download Official + Beta 2022 Apk

WhatsApp Update Download Official + Beta 2022 Apk

Choose your favorite version to install on your Android device when downloading WhatsApp’s 2022 new version official and the most recent beta.

What’s new with the smartphone application Whatsapp?

  • I present to you disappearing messages.
  • Now, you may schedule chats to end after a certain number of days.
  • Search your Instagram accounts using text, emojis, or categories.
  • Decorate your pictures and videos with guidelines for better drawing and alignment.
  • You can now choose a custom wallpaper or a dark mode wallpaper for a chat.
  • You can select from a new wallpaper collection or the doodle background’s new colors.
  • When sharing videos, the sound can now be turned off. Before clicking “Send,” click the mute icon.
  • By switching the 1x/1.5N 2x buttons while a message is playing, you can now listen to voice messages at various speeds.


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