A football club is close to increasing £15,000 to send a player and her family on a Disney trip after she was diagnose with terminal cancer.

Danielle Jones, who plays for Shifnal Town Ladies, was told on January 16 that chemotherapy could only slow down the illness.

Danielle Jones, a Shifnal Town Ladies player, was advise on January 16 that chemotherapy would only slow the progression of her illness.

The 29-year-old has been regard as a “great person” by their teammates.

They said they wanted to make memories for their spouse and their small boy.

“She’s the most incredible person you could ever meet, she’s the kindest person ever, and she is one of the heartbeats inside the team,” goalkeeper Becki William said.

Ms. Jones has been advise that her breast cancer has progressed to her liver since her diagnosis before Christmas.

But despite learning the news, Ms. William claimed her teammate was “taking things in her stride” and was “motivat to spend as much time as she can do with her family.”

“I don’t understand whether I could be as positive,” she added.

“She’s been so courageous and strong and never once complain about the hand she’s been dealt,” said Lyndsey Handy, who set up an internet fundraising campaign for Ms. Jones.

It said any money left over from the Disney trip expenses would  give to the family “so they can spend quality time together.”

The club said it would be up to the relative to choose the Disney goal they visited.


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