To have a more secure Android , you must avoid dangerous applications at all costs. How to do it?

In the whole world the most used operating system is Android. This means that there is a more than high amount of undesirables who only want to harm you with the so-called dangerous applications.

Malicious apps whose sole purpose ranges from stealing your data to simply annoying, to spying on you.

But you can avoid it, following some security measures. Today we collect 5 tips to avoid these applications and their possible download. By following these tips, you will never have to run into these kinds of situations.

First of all: you have to check your phone:

Before starting with the tips, you should bear in mind that there are times when your device can be in danger without you realising it. A malfunction of the device, an exaggerated battery consumption … It is very important that you check everything possible to find any irregularity in your phone. If all goes well, let’s continue.

Always download apps if possible from the store:

Although this measure does not assure us 100% that we are going to be sure, it is ideal that we pay attention to it. The safest place to download applications is the Google Play Store. In the native Android app store, we will find the security we need to access our favourite applications.

This does not assure us that we will find the odd dangerous app, but it is certainly a much safer site than looking for applications in alternative stores or pirate stores such as Aptitude, which do not exactly boast of their security.

Avoid APK files, or failing that, download them from secure pages:

As with Windows and .exes files, in Android, there are some files that we use to install the applications called .apk. These files can be downloaded from any corner and allow us to have applications that either is not in Google Play or are not compatible with our device in the first instance.

This is the source from which most dangerous applications come, and the ideal is to ignore them. If you urgently need an apk to test an application that is not on Google Play, do it from specialised and safe sites. The best ones are without a doubt APK and

Forget about piracy, it does not come with anything good:

On Android, it is very easy to download pirated applications. Partly for this reason our applications and games have a lower quality than those of iOS. Nobody likes to pay, and the advice is very clear:  do not tempt piracy. Many undesirables camouflage their malware in paid games converted into .apk so that the unwary will fall and infect them.

Remember that application and game developers need profit, and therefore not only will you get security and quality if you acquire these apps and games legally, but you will support their work and we will all have a higher quality standard.

Don’t download apps that promise you gold (hack WiFi networks, free games):

We are sorry to be so harsh on this advice, but we have no other choice:  there are NO applications to hack Wi-Fi networks. And much less are their apps that give us free paid games, that give us free money (except for Google Opinion Rewards), or things like that. Do not download applications that promise you this type of thing, because they are only hoaxes to have downloads and thus benefits.

It is not the first time that we are faced with apps that promise to hack any Wi-Fi network or that we can download games for free. They are a pit of insecurities for your smartphone, and not only are they not going to work for you, but you are going to waste your time being deceived.

Beware of suspicious copies:

There are applications on Google Play that have overwhelming success, such as Whats App, Facebook, or to a lesser extent Telegram. What is the measure of many to try to have that volume of downloads? Shamelessly making fake apps, even copying the developer.

Therefore, before going for the first app that comes to mind, look for the real and original application. There are many ways to find out which is which, for example by looking to see if the developer is verified or featured, and most of all by looking at the rest of their apps to see if they match those offered by the original developers.

These tips are very helpful, but ultimately the one with the power to turn your smartphone into a safe workplace is you. Try to give more importance to the security of your Android, and everything will be fine. We also have a security section that will surely help you avoid problems of this nature.


With the help of these tips, you can easily save your smartphone and your important information. So, always be safe because recently banned too many applications that are stealing Facebook ID and login passes. If you follow all the above-given tips then you can easily avoid these types of dangerous apps.

If you have any questions or any new tips to save the smartphone from different dangerous apps then share with us with the help of the comment section. We will definitely appreciate your effort and mention your tips in our article.

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