According to British scientists, the main symptoms of the delta variant of Govit-19 – so-called Indian variant – i.e. cough, headache and runny nose, can be mistaken for less serious illnesses.

Headache, dry throat, runny nose… These symptoms are often associated with colds or flu. But according to British scientists, they are related to the delta variant of the most common Govt-19 in the United Kingdom.

Less dangerous symptoms

Tim Spector, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London Explained on June 9th At one point ZOE study of Govt-19 The delta variant, which first appeared in India, is far more contagious than experts can imagine. “On average, one person with a delta variant affects 6 other people without health restrictions,” he explains.

The professor explains that since the beginning of May, he has been working with his team to list the key symptoms of all users of the ZOE application, a participatory study on the evolution of the epidemic in the UK. “They’re not like they were before.”

“It seems like a nasty cold in younger people, people don’t feel it,” warns Tim Spector. “What this means is that people think they have a seasonal cold, so they go to a party so they can unknowingly get around the virus.”

More and more young people are affected

In the United Kingdom, the elderly or vulnerable are often vaccinated, while the younger ones are vaccinated only if they have any. Outcome: 20 to 29 years old or 0 to 19 years old More and more suffer With the virus, the symptoms explain why it is less viral. According to Tim Specter, “Reducing the spread of the virus is very important, especially among young people.”

Previously, the most common symptoms associated with Govit-19 were fever, loss of taste and smell, and cough.

“Cough is becoming increasingly rare, and we no longer see the loss of smell as one of the main symptoms,” the epidemiologist notes.

Effects of Decontamination in the United Kingdom

On Monday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the country’s last health restrictions would be postponed for four weeks due to an increase in cases related to the delta variation. In recent weeks, the health situation in the United Kingdom has deteriorated: the number of infections a day has increased from 2,000 to 7,000 and hospitalizations are starting to increase.

The delta variant now dominates the entire channel and represents almost 96% of the pollution in the country. The United Kingdom is the saddest country in Europe since the outbreak.

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