The Flash family is one of the biggest and most important in the DC universe, second only to the Bat Family, but the Flash legacy’s future demonstrates how crucial the ties the hero makes are for the entire world. Flash Family can finally defend the Earth after a villain repeatedly emerges for 700 years.

The Flash is a generational hero, one who is based on legacy, more so than most other heroes. While other people have claimed to be Batman or Superman, Bruce Wayne, and Clark Kent, respectively, are the most notable and frequent representations of these characters. Contrary to popular belief, the Flash has been attributed to several individuals over the years, all of who have an equal claim to the name. It is probably because, despite being in different universes, Jay Garrick, the first Flash, inspired Barry Allen to adopt the moniker, indicating that even the Justice League’s resident speedster started his career aware that he was only a small part of a legacy.

The first issue of Mark Waid and Mike Parobeck’s Flash Special #1 demonstrates how important legacy is to the Flash. In this plot, Atom Smasher, the antagonist, is stopped from robbing a bank by Jay Garrick and is thus imprisoned. Atom Smasher to imprison for the following ten years until breaking out. He searches for the Flash for retribution, entirely ignorant that he is now up against Barry Allen, who sends him back to jail. After another ten years, Atom manages to flee once more while battling Wally West. This time, Atom Smasher’s abilities go out of hand, causing him to melt into the ground and stay there for approximately 700 years.

The DC Universe Will Always Have a Flash

The DC Universe Will Always Have a Flash


Atom Smasher finally appears to face John Fox, who assumes the persona of the Flash to beat him for good after failing to enlist any of the original speedsters through time travel. The legacy heroes of the Flash Family are the most potent and significant figures in the DC Universe, having been pass down through generations.

Although the Bat Family has learned from Bruce Wayne, no one has ever been able to fully succeed him as the one and only Batman. However, this story proves there will always be a Flash to defend Earth, regardless of their civilian name. It is likely because Flash is a more upbeat and joyful superhero than Gotham’s guardian, making it more honorable to carry the name than burdensome. Flash doesn’t have to try to make his heirs better than him, unlike Nightwing, a protégé of Batman.

The heroes of The Flash bloodline form a chain of protection that Atom Smasher brilliantly exemplifies, ensuring that it will continue for centuries into DC’s future and, most possibly, for the rest of time. Even though the original Flash has long since passed away, it has been demonstrat that his legacy will save the planet well into the future.

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