Here is the detail about covid-19 most current death and infection cases

Covid-19 is again getting worse with the variant version that is Omicron. Testation is being conducted regularly, and results are getting critical daily. Presently, a report confirms almost 100,000 cases currently in Pakistan.

This amount is consistently constant in the same ratio or might increase if the precaution was not followed. It propels the analysts and experts to expect the fifth wave at its peak.

According to the national command and operation center reports, the rise in the covid confirmed report cases has given a burst to the positivity rate up to 11.53%. On average, the active cases in the current scenario are almost 1.425 million.

Regular analytical surveys have been conducted to get the appropriate infected active cases. This instruction is collected under the National command and Operation centers’ (NCOC) authorities. The case inflation is confined to the infection and has a large death graph.

Out of the previously and currently recorded covid cases in the country, a total 29269 number of deaths have been recorded. But the influence of the expected fifth of the omicron variant has subjected almost 21 more patients daily to death.

Based on these deaths, protocols, and infections horizons, the National command and operational center bounded to implement restrictions and boundaries to avoid the infectious hustle of covid that can spread due to unrestricted activities.

Seeking the current variant situation, there has been various a conducted a meeting that put severe limits on the public activities. NCOC has reviewed all the scenarios and put various interventions till February 15.

Until that period, strict prevention has to be followed, after which a conductance meeting would be held to overview the situations. And the next step will be authorized and decided according to the analytical infection cases of covid.

These interventions include various limits like it is banned to have indoor sittings in confined areas. On a large scale, the wedding events inside the halls are also restricted, but in open places, with specific limits, f numbers are allowed.

On the whole, the covid situation is not that much satisfying. It has crossed the ratio of 10% already. Various cities are preferably more affected due to over-rated and uncontrolled manner. Presently, Peshawar is at the most significant risk of the Omicron variant.

There has been an average of more than 33% on the whole. In these areas, the people are directed to strict precautions, specifically about social distancing and related activities. NCOC has specified all the restriction terms, especially where the covid ratio has crossed the 10% limit.

Covid had caused severe devastation in ten previous periods, and it is again at the edge of more devastation. Through its variant version, Omicron, this fifth layer of coronavirus is again tended to be held, with patience and precaution that everyone should have to follow.

The precaution is only then a remedy that would save one from the cruel clutches of the covid-19.

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