On a route where a man lost his life after crashing his automobile in heavy rain, drainage work has been finish.

In March 2019, Ryan Taylor, 26, lost control of his Jaguar on the A390 near St Austell, Cornwall, at Coliza Hill.

A coroner’s report suggested improvements to road drainage to lower the chance of fatalities in the future.

Mother Lisa Taylor express her “great happiness” that the project was finish but add, “Just a shame I had to lose my entire universe.

‘No driver error.’

The works, according to Cornwall Council, cost roughly £370,000.

I have never heard from the council, which just goes to show how concerned they are about my son’s passing, Ms. Taylor said.

“I’m really glad the job has been finished, but it’s a shame I had to lose my world,” the speaker said.

The council replied, “We continue to extend our heartfelt sympathies to the family of the driver involved in this terrible incident.”

Mr. Taylor, who had sustained severe injuries, passed away at the collision scene after 20mm (0.8in) and 30mm (1.2in) of rain had fallen in the vicinity, and his car had aquaplaned, according to the inquest testimony from May 2021.

Serious injuries were also sustain by the driver of the Mazda that crashed with the Jaguar.

According to assistant coroner Guy Davies, there was no driver mistake, excessive speed, or risky driving.

He concluded that Mr. Taylor’s death resulted from a traffic accident and forwarded a report to Cornwall Council proposing better road drainage.

According to Cornwall Council, the finished work comprised new gullies, pipes, and 1,580ft (482m) of combined kerb drainage.

According to the council, the new kerbs will be visible to drivers, but most of the upgrades will be to subsurface elements.

The author claims that the new system will help to reduce the risk of surface water flows by being able to capture a greater volume of surface water during periods of heavy rain.

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