Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been around for a few years now, and it’s had a significant impact on the comics industry. The show has introduced fans to several new characters, including Agent Phil Coulson’s team of Inhumans and their leader, Black Bolt.

This week, Marvel is releasing the first movie in its Armor Wars series, and it seems like Secret Invasion may be quite relevant to the story. So what is Secret Invasion, and why should you care? In case you haven’t been following the comics closely, Secret Invasion takes place after the end of Civil War II, which saw half of the population turn into super-powered beings known as Inhumans after an event known as the Terrigen Cloud touched down on Earth. Since then, Inhuman activity has increased, and tensions between humans and mutants have increased. So it makes sense that Secret Invasion would play into Marvel’s Armor Wars movie. Read on to find out more!

How Secret attack Can Set Up Armor Wars

Secret Invasion is a six-issue mini-series publish by Marvel Comics in 2006. Brian Michael Bendis wrote the series with art by David Finch.

The series follows the Invasion of Earth by a race of aliens called the Skrulls, who seek to take over the planet by infiltrating key institutions and personalities. As part of their plan, the Skrulls use their secret agent, Spider-Man, to plant discord among the superhuman community. It allows them to sow discord and chaos while they prepare for an ultimate assault.

In the aftermath of the Secret Invasion, many heroes are left divided and struggling to rebuild what was stable within their ranks. Some members have chosen sides with the Skrulls, while others have turned on one another in a power struggle. It creates a ripe environment for conflict and warfare between superpowers – something that has been hint at throughout Marvel’s Armor Wars movie universe.

Secret Invasion set the groundwork for future conflicts within the Marvel Universe, culminating in Armor Wars. The Skrull Invasion created divisions between superheroes that will be exploite by rival factions seeking to gain an advantage in future fights. Armor Wars will pit teams of mutant warriors against each other as they try to unlock powerful armor fragments left behind after Secret Invasion. Whoever can successfully claim these artefacts will be in an incredibly strong position regarding waging war against their rivals.

Secret attack Connects To More Than Just Armor Wars.

For years, fans of Marvel Comics have been eagerly awaiting the release of a movie based on the wildly successful comic book series, “Armor Wars.” Expectancy is at an all-time high with the recent announcement that Secret Invasion will connect to the movie.

But what is Secret Invasion, and why should fans be excited about it? According to Marvel’s website: “Secret Invasion follows the aftermath of a giant race of aliens known as Skrulls who attempt to take over Earth by infiltrating key institutions and manipulating popular culture. As our heroes fight against this insidious threat, they uncover unexpected connections to old enemies and new allies.”

So what does this have to do with Armor Wars? Plenty! The comics are set shortly after Secret Invasion – meaning that some of the characters and plotlines from those books could make their way into the movie. Additionally, since both comics and movies are based in Marvel’s world of superheroes, there’s a good chance we’ll see familiar elements from Secret Invasion popping up in Armor Wars.

So far, little else is known about the connection between Secret Invasion and Armor Wars. But given how much excitement there is for both projects right now – combine with Marvel’s track record for keeping its fans in suspense until just before release dates – we can only expect more news soon.

An Armor Wars Connection Makes Secret attack Even More Vital

With the release of Marvel’s Armor Wars movie only a few months away, it makes sense to explore how Secret Invasion can connect to the film. As we all know, Secret Invasion was the event that led to Thanos’ arrival on Earth and subsequent rampage. Much of what we see in the Armor Wars movie is directly tied to Secret Invasion.

For example, in one scene from the movie, Thor fights Thanos on Earth while his friends are in space dealing with Loki’s Chitauri forces. It references Thor’s battle with Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. Additionally, as we all know, Tony Stark created Ultron during Secret Invasion using technology stolen from Hydra Labs.

It is also mention in the Armor Wars movie when Kendall tells Steve Rogers that he was working on a suit of armor that would block all sources of E.M. radiation. It is a direct reference to Tony Stark’s initial development of Iron Man armor, which relied on cutting-edge E.M. shielding technology developed by Hydra Labs.

So not only does Secret Invasion tie into Marvel’s Armor Wars movie directly, but it also establishes important continuity between Marvel’s movies and T.V. shows. It makes Secret Invasion even more vital for fans who want to follow everything related to Thanos’ arrival on Earth!

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