Both visually and thematically, the beginning of Breaking Bad and the conclusion of Better Call Saul are identical. Greater Call Saul season 6 adds to the idea that Jimmy McGill’s story might be even better than Breaking Bad, even if there was no question that the show was already as brilliant as Breaking Bad. Despite comparisons, the numerous similarities between Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul suggest that they are two halves of the same narrative.

Because of Better Call Saul’s erratic timeline, it may have been difficult to follow the proper order to watch Breaking Bad, but when both shows take into account, the stories of Jimmy McGill and Walter White make much more sense. Even though it is one of the all-time great television series, Better Call Saul is necessary for the success of Breaking Bad. Similar to how Breaking Bad enhances Better Call, Saul,

How the beginning and end of the story of Breaking Bad are the same

How the beginning and end of the story of Breaking Bad are the same

When Breaking Bad begins, Walter White—who at this point had become odd to viewers—pretends to be going to be jailed and has recorded a farewell video for his family. Walter claims everything he did was for his family, although he never fully admits guilt during his tape. In contrast, Jimmy McGill makes his own “major confession” in the last moments of Better Call Saul, just before receiving an 86-year prison term. Jimmy McGill led viewers through everything he had done up to that moment, much like Walter White did in the Breaking Bad pilot. In essence, the beginning of Breaking Bad and the conclusion of Better Call Saul were both about remorse.

Even while Better Call Saul was mostly a precursor to Breaking Bad, it also served as a conclusion to the tales of Saul Goodman and Walter White. Because the black-and-white scenes from Better Call Saul season 6 represented the conclusion of the plot in Breaking Bad in terms of both the timeline and ideas, the parallels between the beginning of Breaking Bad and the series finale work so well. The concept of shame and regret not being enough to stop someone from “breaking bad” was prevalent in both series, as evidenced in their first and last moments, even though Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are quite different shows.

Walt and Jimmy are Similar in Breaking Bad’s Opening and BCS’s Ending.

Walt and Jimmy are Similar in Breaking Bad's Opening and BCS's Ending.

It’s possible to detect a hint of pride in both Jimmy McGill’s testimony in Better Call Saul and Walter White’s opening video from Breaking Bad as if they both want the world to understand what they are capable of. Walter White’s ego, which sought to rule everything and everyone around him, was the source of his pride. Jimmy’s attempt to show Kim that Saul Goodman was not better off without her was Saul’s way of proving that he was not better off being the worst version of himself. Funny enough, Jimmy claims that Saul Goodman is the reason Walter White is successful, which is probably accurate.

The major distinction between Walter White and Jimmy McGill to also highlighted by the fact that Walter’s confession occurred at the start of Breaking Bad, whereas Jimmy’s did so during the conclusion of Better Call Saul. Jimmy’s tale of fall and salvation included Saul Goodman as a pivotal element. On the other side, there was no chance for repentance in Walter’s tale—quite the opposite. Walter’s confession in the Breaking Bad premiere is ironic, considering all the atrocities Heisenberg would still do because Walter got worse throughout the entire series. Because of this, despite their similarities, the openings of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad are significantly dissimilar.

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