Clare Drakeford, the wife of Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford, died unexpectedly, according to the Welsh government.

A representative verified the news with “deep sadness.”

Downing Street said Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had informally conveyed his “deepest sympathies” to Mr. Drakeford.

The Welsh government as a whole is supporting the family at this time, and we ask that their privacy be respect, he continued.

“Incredibly sad to learn about Clare Drakeford’s incredible death,” Mr. Sunak later said on social media.

“I know how passionate Mark and Clare were to one another. I can’t image how much grief Mark and his family are going through right now.”

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer was “shock and dismayed” by the news.

“I can only image how Mark and the rest of the family are feeling,” the speaker said. “I know how close they were as a pair.”

Mr. Drakeford and his family have lived in Cardiff’s Pontcanna neighborhood for 30 years. The couple has three grown-up children.

They are all mentioned in our devotions and reviews, continued Sir Keir.

The Prince and Princess of Wales posted a message on Twitter that read, “Sending our thoughts and prayers to Mark Drakeford and his family.”

During the epidemic, it was report Mr. Drakeford was living in a building in his garden to keep his family safe, saying his wife and mother were “weak.”

Mr. Drakeford stated that “because of their illnesses,” they were in the top four vaccination priority categories.

He spoke of the “tough days” of that year in October 2020, when his wife and mother became ill with coronavirus.

He claimed that when Carwyn Jones stood down as first minister in 2018, he was hesitant to run because of the potential impact on his family.

Condolences have been express from all political parties.

Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister of Scotland, declared, “My thoughts are with Mark and his family during this extraordinarily trying time.”

When she and Mrs. Drakeford met, she stated it was “clear how deep the link between her and Mark was.”

“I can only picture the intensity of his sadness. I’m sending him my love and strength, “She stated.

The news was seen as “extremely catastrophic” by David TC Davies, Secretary of State for Wales.

During “this incredibly scary moment,” he sent his “opinions and prayers.”

Andrew RT Davies, the Welsh Conservatives’ Senedd leader, said he was “shock and very grieved” to learn of her passing.

“At this extremely difficult moment, my thoughts and prayers are with Mark Drakeford and his family,” he stated.

“Every time I met Clare, she was an excellent person who was still kind and friendly.”

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price expressed his “total heartbreak” for Mr. Drakeford.

“I know how close you were, and no comments can express how much hurt you must be feeling,” he said.

“My opinions and prayers are with you and your family. Mark, we’re all here for you.”

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Jane Dodds said her sympathies were with Mr. Drakeford & his family at “this intensely terrible time.”

“I express our heartfelt sympathies to Mark, his family, and friends on behalf of everyone in the Welsh Liberal Democrats,” Ms. Dodds said.

Michelle O’Neill, Sinn Fein vice president, expressed her condolences, saying, “My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family as they mourn their loss and come to terms with their sadness.”

“As a Senedd, we are profoundly grieve to learn of Clare Drakeford’s loss,” Senedd Presiding Officer Ceredigion MS Elin Jones remark.

“We send our deepest sympathies, love, and support to Mark and his family, and we will keep them in our prayers.”

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