A car related to British actor Julian Sands was found near where he went missing.

Mr. Sands vanished on Friday while hiking in the Baldy Bowl area of the San Gabriel Mountains, north of Los Angeles.

Ground teams forsook their search at the weekend over avalanche risks but will continue when conditions improve.

Mr. Sands, 65, is known for roles in famous films and TV dramas, including A Room With A Scenery, 24, and Smallville.

The San Bernandino County Sherriff’s department said his automobile was located in a car park, thought to be where he had left it before setting out on his hike.

His family has hauled it away, police added.

His friends have said their concerns after his disappearance was confirm.

British actor Samuel West reported on Twitter: “Please let Julian Sands be okay. A friend and stimulation. Awful news.”

Meanwhile, film producer Cassian Elwes said he was “destroy,” adding that he had “said many blessings.”

For weeks, California has been attack by deadly storms, and President Joe Biden issued a disaster announcement.

On Friday, 13 January, Mr. Sands was inform that he was missing at about 19:30 local time. 

The department’s searched and saved the life of crews and responded and began a search, but severe weather forewarnings and trail conditions obstructed this.

“However, we will start searching by aircraft and drone when the weather permits,” the statement said.

The department said it had reacted to 14 calls on Mount San Antonio, known locally as Mount Baldy, and in the surrounding area over the last four weeks. It alerted hikers to “stay away” from that area.

“It is quitely risky, and even professional hikers are getting in danger,” the department said. They are also finding for another hiker, an American, who went absent in the same mountains.

A mother of four, described by friends as an experienced hiker, died last week after falling more than 500 feet down Mount Baldy.

Mr. Sands has already spoken about his love of hiking and mountain climbing.

When asked what made him happy in 2020, he said, “Close to a mountain crest on a gorgeous cold morning.”

Mr. Sands, born in Yorkshire, has acted in dozens of films and TV series, but his main part in the 1985 British romance A Room With A View catapulted him to international recognition.

The father of three most recently appeared in the drama Benediction, starred Peter Capaldi.

The father of three was most recently see in the drama Benediction, in which he co-starred with Peter Capaldi.

Mr. Sands and his wife, writer Evgenia Citkowitz, live in Los Angeles’ North Hollywood neighborhood. They have two kids.

He married Sarah Sands, a former Today program editor on BBC Radio 4, with whom he has a son.

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