Bangalore has always been a perfect destination among every age group of people. Bangalore is known as a city for job seekers and IT professionals also but only a few know that bangalore has many beautiful places to explore also for marvelous trekkings. If you are looking for a trekking destination in Bangalore and you are tired of searching for the perfect destination then these places are guaranteed to take your breath away.


When the whole of India is tired of holding their breath behind the mask, let’s take a break and visit these places. Bangalore has numerous peaks that allow the trek all the way to the top and each peak is unique to each other. 



Savandurga is also known as Savanna Durga which means The Fort of death. Savandurga is a hill station adjacent to a temple town situated in the Tumkur in Karnataka.

Savandurg has two trails as Billiguda and Karigudda. Billiguda calls White hill and Kaprigudda the black hills. These twin peaks are the most beloved places for trekking in bangalore. This is a slightly challenging trek. These treks are recommended only after the proper gear. These can be done at night to watch the sunrise. People often come at night to enjoy the trek. Kempegowda is a historic place that falls on the way to Savandurga.


Savandurahga has two temples. It is believed that these temples were made in 134 AD by Hoysala rulers. The Savandurga trek starts from Sri Lakshmi narshimhawaran temple. The trek to the peak is around 15-20 min with a moderate difficulty level. The first sight of the hill will make you wonder about its formation. The initial trail is muddy and path through some foliage and this section is a light ascent till you reach the base of the hill. Since the hill is completely rocky so it is advised to trek with proper good quality trek shoes. The trek elevation is 1226 meters.



Distance from Bangalore- 60 km

How to reach-  Savan Durga is in Magadi. If you are coming from the Mysore road this journey is almost 63 km long to Savandurga road but it is worth it. And if you are coming y public transport then you have to follow this route-

Majestic bus stop> Magadi> bus to Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple. 

Best time to trek- October to January. Trekking in summer and peak monsoon is not recommended. 



Nandi hills are situated 60km north of Bangalore, Nandi hills are formerly known as Nandidurg or Nandi betta. It was a summer retreat of the Tipu sultan. However, there are two different stories behind the origin of its name.  During the Chola period, Nandi hills were called Ananda Giri. Which means hills of happiness.


How to reach- Nandi Hills can be accessed by train, by road and by Air

Nandi hills are 42 km away from Hindustan airport. 

Things to do- Explore the sightseeing

rare flora



Places to explore- 

Tipu sultan’s fort

Tipu’s drop

Bhoga Manjeshwar temple

The yoga nandeeshwara

Amrita Sarovar




Ramanagara trek is located in Ramanagara district which is also known as Silk City. Ramnagar is one of the famous treks among trekkers with fantastic offerings. Ramanagara Trek is the trek where the famous film “Sholay” was shot so if you are visiting this place you would ask your friends” KItne Aadmi the” Ramanagra trek is called as “Sholey Spot”   


The seven famous hills surrounding Ramanahgra have a unique resemblance so it is advised to start the trek early in the morning as it will be cool, the trek elevates at 2450meter. These seven hills surrounded are 

Shiva Ramagiri, Rajgir, Somgiri, Krishnagiri, RevanaSiddeshwara, Jala shiddeshwara hills, somagiri, and Sidilakallu hills. Day camping, rock climbing, and trekking are famous in Ramanagara and for watching the birds. Kanva Reservoir, themekudatu and janapada loka are the main attractions in the Ramanagra trek. Ramnagar trek is considered one of the easiest treks in Bangalore


How to Reach- 50 Km from Bangalore. If you are using public transport then reach the majestic bus stop early in the morning and take it to Ramanagar. 

Best time to visit– March To May. Monsoon trek is not recommended. 



Devarayanadurga is located in Tumkur District and this place is for a one-day trip in Bangalore. Devarayanadurga is also known as DD hill and it is 50km away from Bangalore. Devarayanadurga has a huge number of visitors regularly. This place has two famous temples namely Bhoga Narasimha temple and Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple. There is a big pond in the foothills. The DD trek starts at the base of the hill which resembles a turret tower. Devarayanadurga hills have a fort at the hillock which can be seen from the Bhoga Narasimha temple. After that trekking around 2 km long you will reach the summit. This trek is at the peak of 4000 m. DD hills can be visited any time of the year. But it is recommended to visit in summer as the weather remains pleasant.


How To reach-  DD Hills are reachable from any transport mode. The Nearest Airport is Bangalore International Airport. The nearest railway station is Tumkur railway station and if you are coming by road then DD is only 70 km away from Bangalore


Best time to visit- Winter is recommended month to do the trek

Things to do- Trekking, Watching the sunrise and sunset, Bird watching 



If you are planning to travel to Bangalore this weekend, the above-listed places will definitely give you the best experience of your journey. So let’s start your journey with a lesser-known yet incredible trekking destination in Bangalore. It is time to take a break from your city and visit Bangalore, Pack your bags and say goodbye to the chaos and explore these places.

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