Attack on Titan has had its ups and downs, but the new chapter has given the anime yet another hit. In this episode, we will discuss Ymir’s freedom, Eren’s endgame, and Mikasa’s reaction. If you are a fan of the series, you will enjoy this chapter as much as I did. We’ll also take a look at Eren’s relationship with Mikasa.

Eren’s Relationship with Mikasa

In Attack on Titan chapter 139, Eren finally confesses his love for Mikasa. He wanted Mikasa to remain with him and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, it is a tragic situation for both Eren and Mikasa. The manga concludes with a happy ending for Mikasa and Armin, but what will become of Eren?

In the previous chapters, Mikasa and Eren had formed a relationship, but that was before the Titan attack. Before the attack, Mikasa was adopted by Eren’s parents. Her father described her as his daughter, while Mikasa regarded them as her parents. From the start, the two have shared a semblance of a bond.

Ymir’s Freedom

In the attack on titan chapter 139, we see the moment Mikasa finally sees Ymir again. It’s at the age that she was before she died. This moment marks a new beginning for Ymir. Her freedom is now within reach. But who is she? And how did she come to be free? And what about her love for King Fritz? Will she find a way to return to him?

Ymir discovered that the Titans had powers and that these spirits could be transferred to humans. She was able to do this through the tree that was near her village. Through this act, she transferred her power to her children, who then split the power of the Founding Titan among themselves. This moment allowed Ymir to free herself and gain human rights. This moment will be etched in the minds of Attack On Titan fans and awaited readers for years.

Eren’s Endgame

The last Attack on Titan episode ended with a revelation about Eren’s grand plan, which aims to rid Earth of all Titans and Wall-Titans. Eren explains to Armin that he has deliberately set up the world so that 80% of humanity died, which was part of his grand plan. So to create heroes who could defeat Eren and give humanity a second chance, he killed 80% of humanity.

While the world was saved from the Titans, Eren’s plans were not entirely successful. Despite many attempts to form the Titans, Eren failed every time. This failure is because he acted too lightly on the Titans and didn’t possess the Power to Stop them. In this new chapter, Eren tries to manipulate the Smiling Titan into killing his mother, thereby preventing the Titans from gaining a decisive victory.

Mikasa’s Reaction to Ymir’s Freedom

Mikasa’s reaction to Ymir’s freedom in Attack on Titan chapter 139 is one of the most powerful moments in the series. She acknowledges that the boy she loves was the cause of her torment, but she chooses to accept this and move on with her life. Although this is an extremely difficult decision, Mikasa is a great example of a heroine.

Mikasa is clearly in love with Ymir, but her conversation with him makes very little sense. After all, she just learned about Ymir’s past offscreen. This is especially true since Mikasa is a pacifist who has fallen in love with Eren. However, Mikasa is also quite aloof and passive in her relationship with Ymir, and she’s clearly in love with him.

Ymir’s Relationship with Eren

In Attack on Titan chapter 139, Ymir and Eren’s relationship is discussed. While it is not yet confirmed, this chapter is expected to reveal Eren majorly. In the end, the eldians will be united under the new ruler. This will end all the hatred toward them and help the Eldians rebuild their civilization.

While this episode does a good job of giving the story a resolution, the new final pages have many issues. For example, adding several panels that focus on a war that was never fought is a bit too much and unnecessary. Furthermore, the war is not an answer to Eren’s questioning, but it buys the alliance time. Finally, even though the war was necessary, the peace talks that followed lasted less than a lifetime.

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