In two accidents in the same area on Saturday, 16 individuals were killed when a bus crashed into an earlier crash site. A truck then hit the crash site, 250 kilometers to the east. A second bus then slid onto the web site, hitting the first responders. The two crashes in the same area resulted in at least 32 fatalities. At least 20 people also received therapy for their injuries.

Two Separate Bus & Truck Crashes

Two separate bus and truck crashes in southeastern Turkey have killed at least 32 people. The bus plowed into the accident site, killing 16 people, while a truck crashed 250 km to the east. First responders also suffered injuries, and a second bus slid into the crash site, killing 16 more. At least 20 others were injured, including firefighters and paramedics. The Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu has confirmed that at least eight people were killed in the crash:

  • The first crash happened in a rural area near Mardin, where two journalists had stopped to help.
  • The second accident was almost identical. First responders were on the scene of a previous crash, when another truck slammed into them.
  • At least 32 people have been injured, eight of them in critical condition. In neither case was it an intentional attack, according to Turkish police.

However, officials say the government must do more to ensure that Turkey’s roads are safe. Last year, the country recorded 5362 fatal traffic accidents.


One accident involved a passenger bus east of Gaziantep. Another involved a truck crashing into a crowd in Derik. The bus crash caused at least 16 fatalities and left 26 injured, with eight others being in critical condition. Both crashes were investigated. A third crash is still ongoing. There were two separate crash sites in Turkey on Sunday. The first bus crash involved a passenger bus east of Gaziantep. In the second crash, a truck plowed into a crowd near Derik. At least eight other people were injured in that accident, and the second involved a truck.

First Responders & Journalists Among Victims

Two separate crashes in Turkey have killed 16 people and injured 29 others. The first crash occurred near the town of Gaziantep in central Turkey. At the crash site in Mardin, an ambulance suffered extensive damage to its rear and lay on the side of the highway. The second crash occurred in Derik, with the truck striking a large crowd. After failing to stop, the truck careened into the crowd.

Truck Driver Lost Control

A truck driver lost control and smashed into a crowd of pedestrians and other vehicles. The driver of the truck, which had lost control, also hit the crowd, which was trying to flee the accident site. A second crash occurred as emergency services were attending to the first crash. Both crashes injured 29 people, with eight of those injured in critical condition. Both deaths have spurred inquiries into the cause of the crashes.

Funerals of Deceased

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu visited the victims and their families in hospital. He consoled families of those who died in the accident. He also attended funerals of the deceased. Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu and Deputy Health Minister Dr. Tolunay both attended the funerals of Yahya Ergin, who was killed in the accident.

Emergency Personnel

In the second crash, a passenger bus collided with emergency personnel responding to a crash site in south-central Turkey. The first crash involved a bus and an ambulance, while the second incident killed eight people. Among the injured were firefighters, ambulance crews and journalists. The first crash was around 150 miles apart. The first crash killed 16 people and injured 22. It also injured 15 firefighters, two firefighters and 22 journalists.

A truck and a bus have been involved in an accident in Turkey. The truck hit an ambulance and overturned after it lost control and collided with a crowd, killing 19 people and injuring another 29. The truck, which was carrying news agency IHA journalists, is believed to have been carrying a large amount of alcohol. The incident has sparked a police investigation and the Justice Minister announced on Twitter that two investigations had been opened.

Broadcast Vehicle

The first accident occurred east of Gaziantep, a city in southeastern Turkey. The accident involved a bus, a fire truck, an ambulance, and a broadcast vehicle. The journalists and firemen responding to the crash were among those killed in the first accident. The second accident involved a bus ploughed into pedestrians. The truck, which had been parked for an extended period of time, was driving at a high rate of speed.

Vehicle & Careened

Turkish media reported the crash on Tuesday night. Turkey’s Health Minister, Fahrettin Koca, confirmed that the truck driver had lost control of the vehicle and careened into the crowd. The video shows the truck careening towards pedestrians and vehicles. While there was no immediate word on the number of injured, the incident is tragic. The driver of the truck, who has yet to be identified, has been detained while an investigation is conducted.

Another fatal crash took place in Turkey on Saturday, with the death toll now at 35. The bus had hit several vehicles on a highway near the city of Gaziantep, killing 16 people and injuring 22. The accident also involved firefighters, ambulances, and a vehicle carrying journalists. The crash site was surrounded by emergency personnel and firefighters, and more emergency reinforcements were dispatched to the scene.

16 People Killed

Two different incidents have left at least 16 people dead in Turkey, with three separate crashes involving multiple vehicles. A three-vehicle crash in Gaziantep province sent rescue crews to the scene. In the same province, a bus crashed into journalists and firefighters, killing three of them. Two more vehicles crashed into the same accident site, killing three other people. In both cases, the victims were traveling on highways.

Final Words:

Authorities are assessing the causes of the crashes and identifying those responsible. The first accident took place near a gas station in Gaziantep. The second was a travel bus that collided with an uncontrolled vehicle. The bus was headed at full speed when it struck the accident site, crushing the victims. The second accident happened east of Gaziantep. It was the fifth worst accident to occur in Turkey, with at least 16 people killed.

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