Summer House actor Luke Gulbranson has been unfollow on Instagram by Ashley Darby of The Real Housewives of Potomac, implying that their romance may end as fast as it began. Ashley expressed interest in him on Watch What Happens Life, and the two appeared friendly at BravoCon. Ashley paid several visits to Luke in his home state of Minnesota during the next two weeks. It was her first public relationship after her divorce from Michael Darby, with whom she has two sons.

Ashley’s unfollowing Luke was initially report on Instagram by realmomsofbravo. The fan account utilized a photo of Ashley and Luke taken in Minnesota at the end of December, which followers mistook for confirmation that they were Instagram officials. However, Ashley eventually erased the photo from her grid, which sparked the original separation rumors. “UNOFFICIALLY OVER,” stated realmomsofbravo’s caption. They went on to wonder what could have happened during her most recent trip to Minnesota to cause things to stop so abruptly.

Luke continues to follow Ashley on Instagram.

At the moment, Luke is still following Ashley, but according to the comments section, the 39-year-old was seen enjoying New Year’s Eve with another woman. Ashley’s Instagram stories on Wednesday, January 4, fueled the flames. The former pageant queen wrote about relationships, captioned a selfie, “all things just keep getting better,” and then released a video about love that realmomsofbravo described as “cryptic.”

Fans of Bravo speculate Luke is to blame for Ashley’s divorce from RHOP.

Many followers commented on realmomsofbravo’s article, claiming that the fling had to cease because of Luke. One person proposed a joint interview with Ashley and Luke’s ex-girlfriends, Ciara Miller and Hannah Berner. The model earned a playboy reputation on Season 6 of Summer House and will not be returning to the show. Some even wondered if the official couple photo on Instagram was the beginning of the end, implying a fear of commitment.

“I love Luke, but we’ve seen this on TV before,” one reviewer said. “He probably fed her loads of lines to make her think he was genuine, then hurried away as soon as she jumped in.” Even though Luke was at fault, respondents unanimously agreed that he was above Michael Darby.

Ashley has received fan support following her divorce from Michael, with many hopeful she might find love again after their toxic, infidelity-ridden marriage. Not only was the much-older Australian a chronic cheater, but he was also accuse of sexually abusing a crew member. However, his reduced attendance on the Bravo show I convinced some of the cast that they needed to start spreading adultery suspicions about another husband. Candiace Dillard’s husband, Chris Bassett, became the subject of gossip among Ashley, Gizelle Bryant, and Mia Thorton. However, output has constantly refuted their claims. In addition to disappointing viewers, Candiace and Ashley’s growing bond was shatter by the storyline’s failure to deliver.

Some fans may be sad that Luke is no longer expect to feature on The Real Housewives of Potomac. However, given the vast distance, Ashley’s recent divorce, and Luke’s dating history, most people aren’t surprised things didn’t work out. It will undoubtedly not deter people from hoping for crossover Bravo program romances. However, with speculations that Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover had broken up, they may not be built to last.

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