Teen Wolf’s Kira Yukimura, played by Arden Cho, had no regrets about skipping the movie version. MTV’s Teen Wolf returned to the small screen in January 2023 after being off the air for nearly five years.

However, Teen Wolf chose not to return for what would have been season 7. The Movie served as the MTV drama’s reunion. Nearly 20 years after Teen Wolf season 6 concluded, Scott McCall and his friends reunite, and the tale picks up. Most of the original cast returned for the Paramount+ movie, while a few important actors ultimately rejectedoffer to return.

Kira Yukimura, a major character from season three through season five, was one of the major characters that did not appear in Teen Wolf: The Movie. Due to the gap in remuneration between her and her co-stars, Arden Cho, who played the character, turned down the chance to play it again.

Fans have tweeted Cho in support since the release of Teen Wolf: The Movie to say how much they miss the character.

She expressed her gratitude for the support in a Twitter reply to one of her followers, adding that she had no regrets about declining the offer. The actor emphasizes that people shouldn’t “be afraid to walk away or reject an opportunity if you feel it’s not fair and it won’t make you happy,” the actor emphasizes.

How Kira Failed Teen Wolf: The Movie

It was claimed that Cho was offered an unfair deal when Teen Wolf: The Movie was first revealed. She reportedly received half the pay of her white female co-stars because she was the only person of color in the cast.

Kira was never mentioned in Teen Wolf: The Movie at any point. The reunion movie did more than just forget to include Kira; it outright disrespected the persona.

Amy Workman portrays a brand-new character named Hikari Zhang in Teen Wolf: The Movie. The performer is not at fault, but the Hikari persona is a Kira stand-in.

The plot reveals that, like Kira, Hikari is a kitsune who plays an important part near the end of Teen Wolf: The Movie. Because Cho declined the unfair offer, the writers were forced to develop a new character. Jeff Davis of Teen Wolf has yet to address this project component.

Will There Be More Teen Wolf Movies?

Following the release of Teen Wolf: The Movie on Paramount+, the question of whether this was indeed the saga’s conclusion remains unanswered. Teen Wolf: The Movie is already doing well on Netflix at the time of writing, but there have been no official announcements concerning Teen Wolf sequels for the time being. Given that it was only released a few days ago, only time will tell if Paramount+ will greenlight any other movies, assuming Davis has additional ideas. On the other hand, some of the cast members are eager to return to the supernatural franchise if given the opportunity. For the time being, viewers can watch Teen Wolf: The Movie on Paramount+.

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