September 26, 2021

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Allies close teams and warn China

Many years after the Donald Trump hurricane, the NATO summit made peace with Joe Biden.

Reporter in Brussels

This is a return to the crime scene. For the first time since the catastrophic summit in July 2018, the allies met at NATO headquarters in Brussels on Monday. Nothing came to disturb their reconnection. Both have noticed it within the possible range. The course begins with Joe Biden Surprisingly, in the antibodies of his explosive and outrageous predecessors, he proved to be urban and respectable, Donald Trump.

After his arrival, the US president set the tone for the meeting: seeking satisfaction after four years of tears. “I want the whole of Europe to know that America is here“, He insisted that NATO”Very important“To the United States. Under Section 5, an attack on one of the 30 allies is considered an attack on all, so it reflects the heart of the Coalition, “he said.A sacred duty“. Evidence for vitality

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