Taliban security agents in Kabul on Wednesday stopped female university students.

Since the Taliban made a comeback, girls and women all over Afghanistan have been dreading this decision. On Wednesday, women wearing hijabs arrived at their respective university campuses, but Taliban security personnel barred their access and turned them away.

Groups can be seen crying on tape as they are being taken away.

Following a 16-month ban on girls attending most secondary schools, the Taliban also outlawed women from attending universities this week.

According to a student at Kabul University, “They have destroyed the one bridge that may link me with my future.”

“How do I respond? They destroyed my hope that I could grow and change the direction of my life or shed light on it.

The authorities gave the order on Tuesday, and by Wednesday, it had also started to be follow by numerous private universities and Islamic religious institutes.

The Taliban had prevented girls from attending private educational institutions in those three provinces, Takhar in the north, Ghazni in the southeast, and Kabul, the capital, according to sources who confirmed this to the BBC.

Women appear to have no choices for formal education at all.

On Wednesday, several ladies dared to protest on the streets of Kabul because the Taliban have a history of locking up protestors. Swifty put the minor demonstrations to an end with Taliban officials.

This generation believed they were fortunate because they could attend the same universities as their mothers, elder sisters, and cousins.

Instead, they see their future’s downfall.

In Afghanistan, some women demonstrated against the restriction.

Given the horrors committed during their previous rule from 1996 to 2001, when women were forbidden from working or attending school, the Taliban, a former militant fundamentalist Islamist group, vowed to defend women’s rights when they retook power in August of last year.

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