The second raid in Final Fantasy XIV’s Myths of the Realm series is Euphrosyne. There will be more “Eorzea’s Twelve Gods” for players to battle. It applies to the Paladin profession and the hub city of Ishgard, Halone the Fury.

Since Myths of the Realm are 24-man raids, they are substantially simpler than material designed for eight players, such as Extreme Trials and Savage Raids. The awards, such as the Causality and Astronomy Tomestones from Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, are still helpful. These can enhance crafted items from the previous patch and acquire catch-up gear.

The storyline of Myths of the Realm

The storyline of Myths of the Realm

Players must finish the whole Myths of the Realm side quest chain before they may enter the most recent raid. It entails having at least one combat job and reaching level 90 to complete the main scenario of Endwalker. Additionally, participants must have finished the Final Fantasy XIV Aglaia raid.

Finally, must view two storyline cutscenes connecting patches 6.1 and 6.3. The first is Deryk in Rhalgr’s Reach’s The Face of an Explorer (x: 11, y: 10.5). The second is called Return to the Phantom Realm, and it comes from Deryk, but it’s situated at Mor Dhona (x: 24, y: 9). Following their witnessing of the Final Fantasy XIV Myths of the Realm scenarios, players can enter Euphrosyne with a full alliance of 3 tanks, 6 healers, and 15 DPS.

Raid on Euphrosyne and Rewards

Raid on Euphrosyne and Rewards

Four boss battles, as well as several minion encounters, will pit the alliance against one another. Bosses will leave behind chests filled with item level 620 armor but not with accessories or weapons. This gear is only ten levels inferior to that found in the Pandaemonium Abyssos Raids and non-upgraded gear obtained with Causality Tomestones from Final Fantasy XIV. Each player can gather one piece of armor weekly, with the clock restarting every Tuesday at 00:01 PST. Due to this restriction, rolling “need” on a body or leg piece is preferable because the alternatives are more difficult to acquire.

Additionally, each participant will receive a fresh Euphrosyne Coin. Players can improve Lunar Envoy gear to item level 630 by combining it with previous Final Fantasy XIV Aglaia coins. The process is the same for upgrading Radiant gear from item 590 to 600: trade both coins to Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han for the ingredient for the upgrade, then give Khaldeen the materials to receive the equipment itself.

Everyone should plan to visit Euphrosyne multiple times to help others, even if they receive the weekly prizes they are entitled to. It is a result of being included in the Alliance Roulette daily. In Final Fantasy XIV, the much older Poetic Tomestones, which to use for all previous expansions, are still available to players that enter the raid in this way. It can be useful for individuals who need to level up jobs past 80 or desire additional glamour items obtained with Tomestones.

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