As Tim Cook stated at the time of the launch, the iPhone Xs Max is one of the giant phones ever. You can enjoy every second with a wide screen and gorgeous display! So even this giant needs to be protected. We had reviewed some of the best cases for the iPhone Xs Max, none of which had a magnetic closure. I’ll check and explain the top iPhone Xs Max magnetic cases today. 

Any of these cases is suitable for protecting your flagship iPhone.

1. Amovo

USP: Includes Kickstand and Wallet Case too


Amovo covers everything in a single case, whether you need a kickstand or wallet case. You did indeed hear correctly! It has drop resistance and a removable magnetic shock-absorbing back cover. Therefore, since you get everything in one case, there’s no need to buy multiple ones!

Although this case supports wireless charging, the wallet case must be removed to function. The inner case is made of high-quality TPU, and the outer cover is made of premium leather. Accidental drops and shocks are not a problem for this case. The built-in wallet case makes it simple to store cash and credit cards, and it has a kickstand so you can watch movies.

As the all-in-one case for the iPhone Xs Max, Amovo stands out with 300 positive reviews and counting! Amovo is the way to go if you want to use a single case for several uses!

2. BB Face

USP: Slim fit & Shockproof

BB Face

When it comes to magnetic adsorption, the BB Face is the most popular case. We previously listed it as one of the best magnetic cases for the iPhone XR, and now we have it for the iPhone Xs Max. The BB Face case provides the best edge and camera protection.

It’s a slim case, but because it’s made of TPU, it’s not lacking in protection. The fabric touch on the back provides a secure grip and prevents your phone from slipping. There is only one drawback: it does not support wireless charging. You must remove this case if you want to use a wireless charger to charge your phone.

3. Misscase

USP: Magnetic Adsorption Technology


Misscase’s premium case, like ZHIKE’s, is made of metal, but the only difference is an internal soft cushion in the metal body. It ensures that the metal case won’t damage your iPhone Xs Max and offers reliable protection. Additionally, it supports wireless charging, which is like the cherry on top, considering how few cases of a similar design do.

With clear tempered glass, a front and back metal frame, and numerous magnet points, this case is the ideal choice for your iPhone Xs Max. Four vibrant colors are offered for Misscase. I would choose the version with a clear back and a black frame. Which would you most like to select?

4. Varipos

USP: Made of Metal


Tempered glass material on the front and the back ensures there are no scratches and dirt on the screen & the back. The magnetic adsorption technology and multiple magnetic points in the case make it a perfect fit for your iPhone Xs Max. It supports wireless charging as well; if you’re looking for more cases like this, see the best cases for the iPhone Xs Max that support wireless charging.

With precise cutouts and a transparent back, you can showcase your iPhone in style along with protection given by a metal case. Varipos case comes in black and silver color. Easy replacements and 24 hours of email support make it easy to contact them in case of any issues.



USP: TPU Material with Resistant Bumper


Want to protect and stand out from the crowd with your iPhone Xs Max? You might decide to use this case from Z ZHIKE

This case’s strong magnetic field adsorption technology provides your iPhone’s best protection! TPU and a durable bumper are used in the dual-layer back cover to protect your iPhone from accidental drops.

The raised bezels and the nano glass back protect your camera on flat surfaces. The case comes in seven different colour options and is made entirely of metal.


USP: Slim Yet Rigid!


With a 0.65mm thickness, PITAKA is among the slimmest cases in this market, and, of course, it provides reliable protection. Speaking of the feel, it is lightweight, non-slip, and soft to the touch. Because PITAKA is made entirely of Aramid fibre, you can relax about sudden drops. Your beast wouldn’t be harmed by it.

The case’s metal plates provide shock absorption against metallic surfaces and enable connection to the PITAKA car mount. It comes in seven different colour options, and I’d choose this as my top pick for a magnetic case for an iPhone Xs Max. Additionally, it has more than 

7. Evutec

USP: Made of Aramid Fibers


The Evutec case is made of Aramid fibre, which is also used to make bulletproof vests and race cars. It is five times stronger than the same weight of steel in this magnetic adsorption case. But that doesn’t mean it’s big; it’s only 1.6mm thick and lightweight.

It supports wireless charging because the metal inserts in the case do not interfere with charging. Furthermore, the magnetic vent mount included with the case allows you to use your phone hands-free. 


USP: Made of Metal


ZHIKE is the ideal illustration of what a magnetic case ought to be! It fits your iPhone as a magnet does to a metal surface, thanks to the 16 magnetic points on the front and back covers. Since the front cover is identical to the flip cover, removing it is simple. The ZHIKE case is made of metal, tempered glass, and UV. 

It can cope well with abrupt shocks and drops. Additionally, this case can shield your expensive iPhone from dirt, dust, scratches, and smudges.

It is advised to take off any screen protectors you may be using before applying the ZHIKE case to your iPhone. The case supports wireless charging and comes in a variety of 7 colours.


USP: Anti-spy Tempered Glass


It is similar to the cases above but is more expensive. However, LISADE offers a lifetime warranty and complete 360-degree protection for an additional fee. Therefore, if the price is not a concern, I advise you to choose LISADE’s case over the other two similarly situated cases.

It is one of the slimmest magnetic cases with magnetic adsorption and supports wireless charging. The anti-spy nano tempered glass with micro-shutter technology is the most impressive.

With this glass, nothing except you can read on your iPhone. That’s the best thing I love about this case.

10. Penvila

USP: 3 Months Money Back Guarantee


The Penvila case is made of crystal clear plastic and has a magnetic metal frame on both the front and back. 

The case is seamless and completely protects your iPhone Xs Max, standing 0.2 mm above the camera lens. A sponge that is built into the metal frame protects each corner.

You can always request a refund within three months of your purchase if your case is broken or you don’t think it’s providing the proper protection. The best aspect of it at the moment is this. The case for Penvila comes in red, gold, and black colours.


Which of these cases would you buy, then? If showing off my iPhone and protection were important to me, I would unquestionably choose PITAKA.

The other option is Amovo, which additionally provides a wallet case and a kickstand in addition to magnetic adsorption. Please share your decision in the comments section.

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