According to authorities, victims received maintenance, one and the other inside the Star Ballroom Dance Studio and outside the parking lot.

In one of California’s most bloody mass shootings, a shooter who killed at least 10 people close to Los Angeles is still on the loose.

Ten more people were hurt, and some are in critical condition.

Thousands of people had gathered for a Lunar New Year party just before the shooting in Monterey Park, which has a sizable Asian population.

A bustling dance studio in the city’s centre was the target of the assailant’s first shot.

According to Captain Andrew Meyer, officers discovered people “pouring out of the location shouting” when they got to the scene at 22:22 local time on Saturday (06:22 GMT on Sunday).

According to authorities, victims received medical attention inside the Star Ballroom Dance Studio and outdoors in the parking lot.

Although they have received varying descriptions of the perpetrator, police are looking for a male suspect between 30 and 50 who fled the area. Numerous witnesses are question.

At a press conference on Sunday, Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna stated, “We need to get this person off the street as quickly as possible.

He did not specify the weapon used but did say that the suspect might have gotten away in a white van. The attack’s motivation is yet unknown.

Red lanterns and banners were use to decorate Monterey Park’s central area, which included West Garvey Avenue, the shooting scene.

Tens of thousands attended the event, one of California’s biggest of the day.

There were suppose to be two days of festivities, but administrators cancelled Sunday’s activities after the shooting.

The city, which is roughly seven miles (11 km) east of downtown Los Angeles, has a significant police presence, and much of the vicinity of the dancing studio has been cordon off.

The possibility that the suspect went into a second dancing studio for about 30 minutes police are looking into the assault.

According to authorities, someone at the Alhambra dance studio wrestled the firearm he was carrying from him. He did no harm there.

Sheriff Luna stated, “We think there may be a connection to an event.” It is undoubtedly on our radar.

Chinese Chamber of Commerce Los Angeles Chairman Chester Chong told BBC News that the incident had left the neighbourhood in disbelief.

He added that he was concerned for his friend, the owner of the Star Ballroom Dance Studio, and remarked, “This absolutely should not happen.

Others nearby during the incident claimed to have heard what they mistook for fireworks. According to Tony Lai, 35, who spoke to the Associated Press, “I assumed maybe it had something to do with Lunar New Year.”

According to one eyewitness, three people barged into his eatery and ordered him to lock the door because a man with a machine gun was nearby.

Police and firefighters see responding quickly to a scene on Garvey Avenue and tended to the victims in a video posted on social media.

The bloodiest shooting in California’s modern history, which occurred in 1984 at a McDonald’s in San Ysidro, close to San Diego, claimed the lives of 21 people. This attack ranks among the worst in that state’s history.

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