Cannabis is a proactive drug usually derived from the plant named Cannabis (family of Cannabaceae). It’s known to give off exceptional psychedelic experiences to people. But more commonly, it’s used for entheogenic and recreational purposes only. Native to South and Central Asia. It’s pretty well known by its more common name, marijuana (Mari-hu-ana). It’s used/consumed by people by various methods, such as smoking, using a vaporizer, making cannabis tea, using edibles where they add it to any food, in alcoholic cannabis concentrate & also capsules.

It was introduced by the Spaniards in 1530-45, from where it later traveled to North Africa and the Middle East. Cannabis was criminalized in the world in the 19th century in various countries, and now the United Nations’ World Drug Report stated that “cannabis was the world’s most widely produced, trafficked, and consumed drug in world in 2010”, and estimated between 128 million and 238 million users globally in 2015. It’s often used in medicine and for specific health purposes as well. Its effects are researched to a limit, so its impact is questionable. 

But still, here are ten health benefits of Cannabis that everyone should know: 


Cancer patients often get chemotherapy for their problems. It uses solid/powerful drugs to kill off the fastest growing cells in your body since cancer has tumors, whose cells grow much more rapidly than anything else. The above has various side effects and can often disable the body temporarily. Nausea and vomiting are the main ones. It’s said and shown in research that Cannabis can help remove those side effects visibly!  It’s legally used to treat chemotherapy side effects in Canada the most. 


HIV and AIDS are diseases transmitted through a needle, through contact with blood from one person to another. It’s a virus that spreads rapidly. It can cause quite a lot of symptoms. One of which is a lack of appetite. Cannabis can help to improve appetite here. 


Many people have chronic pain due to various medical conditions and others. Also, several diseases can cause muscle spasms. To get rid of it, you usually use painkillers and other strong medications which are not good in long-term use. But Cannabis can help relax a muscle or even cause chronic pain if taken in the small and correct quantity. 


It can help with depression as well. Taking Cannabis relaxes you and enables you to deal with life stuff. It often makes you happier than before. But you’ve got to solve your problems for natural relief as you shouldn’t rely too much on a drug. 


It is a condition where a patient suffering gets a lot of seizures. Therefore, Cannabis helps in reducing attacks in some amount as well. 


90% of people with this arthritis have pain in their body as a symptom/side effect of the disease. It can be chronic sometimes as well. Cannabis helps with chronic pain; that’s why it can help reduce the pain for a long time.  


One in five people with multiple sclerosis (MS) surveyed in 2014 told Multiple Sclerosis Society UK that the use of Cannabis helped with their symptoms. They also said it could help with muscle spasms, stiffness (spasticity), and pain. It’s said to work, but science and research are scared to delve more into it. 


It helps relax you from daily stress and anxiety. You may feel freer to do anything in the world with something calming your nerves, which is Cannabis. It’s great for temporary relief from anxiety. People also use this to forget/get away from their post-traumatic disorder, as it can feel quite heavy living in those flashbacks. It helps your mind ease and get calmer. 


Even though it increases appetite, it also reduces weight (like most drugs do) with its anti-inflammatory properties. Various research & clinical studies have found that marijuana reduces intraocular pressure (IOP) like most conventional glaucoma medications. It’s true whether the Cannabis is administered orally, intravenously, or by inhalation, but not when applied directly to the eye. 


Recent evidence published in the journal Clinical Psychology Review revealed that using Cannabis may help people with alcohol or opium dependencies to fight their addictions. But it’s to be taken with a grain of salt since we all know how it can cause tendencies of dependencies and people susceptible to physical abuse. 

People are becoming quite open to these drugs and their recreational use more often. But there is also some spiritual essence to it, especially from the tales and experiences of real tribes and clans that harvest these in their land or where the plant is native from. People are seen to have specific awakenings and psychedelic experiences with it. Just as escape rooms such as Wild Goose Escape RoomCa have props and illusions. It can mess with your head if taken in the wrong amount. General science and technology are fascinated by this drug in its medicine and its recreational use. We still are not sure how and what these are, but it’s something to be researched in the future. 

In Modern Times, it has taken quite a road to fame and has been made legal in some countries. With time, its use is becoming more and more familiar with the local public indulging in it on a more common basis. Not just Hollywood or Bollywood stars, but teenagers and adults are also using it. But there’s a lot of crime involved with its use and its illegal sale in the countries that have banned it. Therapeutic services are only beneficial in the prescribed amount. A little more than that could prove harmful, so stay aware and beware! 

Lastly, let us know in if you have tried it and what your spiritual, recreational, or health benefits were from this drug! 

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